30 Sales Boosting Tips

If your sales are a little on the slow side, you need to
polish your promotional skills and fire up the marketing
machine. This is the first of a two part article with a
total of 30 sales boosting tips that have are tried, tested and 

proven techniques to kick your sales into high gear! 

1. Use a PS and PSS after your signature. In the PS, 
summarize the key benefit. In the PSS restate the bonus or
reason for ordering right now. Only your subject line is
more important than your PS! Be sure to share these 30 sales

 boosting tips with your colleageus and friends.

2. Vary your subject and medium. If you send out a monthly
email promotion, vary the subject line. One month, your
subject line could read 'Hi! It's Jake.' The next month it
could read $1.99 special for the first hundred responses.
With you’re 'Hi! It's Jake' subject line you could send an
article with tips that will help your customers with common
problems. Your '$1.99 special' could be a direct ad. By
altering the format that you send, (article one time, and the
next) you will get more prospects past the subject line and
into your email.

3. Mail your customers on a more frequent basis. If you send
your customers a promotion once a month, double it. Send
them a promotion every two weeks.

4. Use add-on sales. The best place to get an add-on sale
is just before your prospect places their order. Include two
buttons or links at the bottom of your order form, one for
ordering just the product and one for ordering your product
with an add-on. Here's a quick example. You are selling an
eBook you have written called Marketing. Your add-on is a
Lifetime upgrade.

a. At the bottom of the order form you include a text link
that says 'Click here to order marketing for only $19.95.'

b. Directly underneath, you place a second text link that
says 'Click here to order marketing, including your Lifetime
Upgrades for only $29.95.

c. Place a short paragraph after the button, explaining
all the benefits of ordering the Lifetime upgrades as well.
After the paragraph, place the Lifetime Upgrades order link

5. Upsell to a better product. If you are offering free
auto responders, upsell your customers to a better version of
your product. Quick example. You offer a free, quality
auto responder which sends a single message. If your customer
upgrades to a 'Gold' auto responder for only $2.95 per month, 
they get an auto responder which can send up to ten, time
delayed messages.

6. Use current events to propel your sales. If the inflation
figures have just risen again, offer an 'Inflation Buster'
promo.  Are you enjoying these 30 sales boosting tips? 

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7. Offer additional products. After you have sold your main
product (with an add-on) keep in contact with the customer
and offer additional products. You can sell more add-ons or
upgrades that compliment the original purchase, or completely
new products.

8. Offer a payment plan. If you are selling a big ticket
item, offer to split the payments into three or four easy
instalments. Instalments can be spread over weeks or months, 
depending on the size of the purchase.

9. Offer special promotions. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, 
and Valentine's Day are perfect for special promotions.
Anniversaries and birthdays also give you a perfect excuse to
contact your customers and offer them a special promotional

10. Include a deadline. By including a deadline, customers
are more inclined to make a purchase sooner. It is human
nature to leave things to the last moment, so make sure your
deadline falls within a short period of time after you send
your offer.

11. Use incremental deadlines. If you run a monthly special, 
offer to include an extra bonus, plus a FREE gizmo and a
lifetime upgrade if they order before the end of the first
week. In the second week of the campaign, offer an extra
bonus, plus a FREE gizmo, only if they order by the end of
the week. In the third week, they get an extra bonus if they
order by the end of the week. And the fourth week, they get
the product with no bonuses.

12. Use the take away approach. This works well in conjunction
with the incremental deadline approach. Tell your customer
that if they don't order today, they will miss out on the
fabulous lifetime upgrade offer.

13. Make the purchase easy. Make it easy for customers to
purchase from you by offering alternative methods of payment.

14. Give guarantees. Make sure your product comes with a 100%, 
no questions asked, lifetime, guarantee. People love to feel
secure when ordering. If you stand behind your product 100%, 
you give your customers the security they need.

15. Sell to categories. If you find that your product is
popular with accountants, try a promotional campaign
directed to this category of customers.  

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16. Offer a discounted product. Discounted products
attract tons of traffic. Take one of your best selling
products and slash the price as low as you can and still
make a small profit.

Your smaller profit will be offset with a larger
volume of sales. Even if you don't make a lot of money on
this one off promotion, you introduce more people to your
products and services and can contact them later to make
more profitable sales.

17. Give your product away! Although it sounds crazy at
first, it makes a lot of sense. The best example of this
technique is used in the software industry. Adobe Acrobat
Reader, Win Zip, and Group Mail all give away a free
version of their software. After you have used the product
and have a good feel for the 'inner workings,' you
probably want to upgrade to a more deluxe version. Your
upgrade is where the company makes money.

This is also an effective technique used by affiliate
programs. You sign up as a free affiliate and are then
shown the benefits of upgrading to a paid member.

18. Re-mail. Send your list a second chance offer by
re-mailing them. Statistics show that your same offer
that you mail today, will achieve approximately 70% of
its original success on the second mailing. Remember, it
takes an average of seven impressions before your
prospects actually make a purchase.

To automate the process, load a series of emails into
an auto responder and your re-mail marketing is done
for you. Make sure you load several different offers
into your auto responder. You don't want to keep
sending the same offer over and over and over :) 

19. Numbers and bullets. Make a list of features and
benefits and list this in your sales literature. It is
much quicker for a prospect to scan a list than it is
to read a paragraph.

20. Promotion warning. Give your customers an advanced
warning about upcoming promotions. This creates a demand
for your promotion even before it is released. You also
create a feeling of goodwill from your customers because
you have shown them that they are important.

21. Ask for referrals. The best type of advertising is
word of mouth. Place a referral form on your site where
customers can give you their friend's names and email
addresses. In return, you will give your customer a
special bonus and send an email to their friends on
their behalf. The email you send must include a very
special offer and refer to the customer that gave you
the contact.

22. Rename things. Give standard items a new name and
prospects will respond. If you ask a prospect to
subscribe to your online magazine, or digital magazine,
your subscriber rate will increase faster than referring
to your publication as an ezine.

23. Double up. Instead of offering one item at a special
price, offer two. On average, the extra item brings in
an additional 45% more sales.

24. Bonus value. It is common to offer FREE bonuses with
every purchase on the WWW. If you don't offer free bonuses
you are losing sales. FREE bonuses are part of the internet
culture. Since everyone offers FREE bonuses, make yours
stand out by giving it a price value. Instead of offering
a FREE eBook, offer a FREE eBook worth $29.99.

25. Swap ads. If you publish an ezine, swap ads with other
ezine publishers to increase your exposure.

26. Define your USP. What makes your business different
than your competitors? Your USP or Unique Selling Point
gives your customers a reason to buy from you instead of
someone else. Are your products bigger, faster, and cheaper?
Every business has a USP. Find yours and promote it.

27. Testimonials. Your customer's opinions are worth
gold, especially if they write them down. Include
testimonials from satisfied customers in all of your
promotional material. This technique gives your product
or service more credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

28. Pre-sell. If you are introducing a new product, ask
your customers for their opinion a few weeks before the
product is released. This gives you time to tweek and
polish the product to perfection before its release.
When your product is released, you can send the customers
who have responded with suggestions a special discount on
the product as a thank you for their help.

29. Test. Send a trial offer to a percentage of your
mailing list. From the response, you can gauge whether
to roll out the offer to your entire list or rework the
details and try again. Testing saves you money and
increases your sales by giving you feedback in small
blocks before you use up your whole database.

30. Short and sweet. Keep your prospecting emails short
and to the point. Long emails are often deleted before
they are read. To present detailed information, get the
prospect hooked in your short email and invite them to
visit your site for the details. 


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