Teddy A Jones


Making Ourselves dismissible

As we continue examining the state of the church by surveying some of the Biblical Pastoral concerns for the church let us spend some more time on the matter of irrelevance.  We have argued that the large stone water jars which had been on the outside in an unused state represented the state of the […]

The Best Wine

Our Biblical survey of Pastoral concerns for the church now transitions from the Old Testament to the New Testament.  The state of the church still occupies our prayerful reflections. The Gospel according to John lends itself readily to this objective because the evangelist wrote with a love and passion for the early post ascension faith […]

Friendly Fire

When The Community Turns on Itself During the course of the week just concluded I came across the website of a recently concluded preaching conference in Minneapolis USA, titled “Preaching as moral imagination.”  The promotional verbiage from the site reignited in me the passion for church leaders and teachers to take our task of feeding […]