Why I chose brain abundance

1.) We have a great founder for brain abundance that has 25+ years of experience as a network marketer. He knows how to lead and thinks just like a network marketer. He is approachable and he’s on Facebook.   That’s why I chose brain abundance

2.) System – We have a great free system. Most companies don’t have systems, and even if they do, it costs money on top of their monthly expense and difficult for newbies to understand. No setup required here

3.) Global – we are online marketers so we can’t be tied down to a country or two. Leaving too much money on the table doing anything limited to few countries

4.) Binary – no matter how many of these people out there telling you they don’t like Binary, they are probably doing something out there like a Unilevel structure that requires them to balance 4-5+ legs. The conversation really makes no sense when they say they don’t want to balance two legs when they are trying to balance 5 legs while trying to help all those people each get 5. I no longer do any companies that have more than 2 legs (binary)



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