How to Earn Bitcoin From Jamaica

The world of income generation has changed and is changing rapidly.  A question on the minds and lips of many around me has been how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.  This has been made to seem super complicated by many but it really does not need to be so complicated.  So for all who have been asking and wondering how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica you have come to the right place.  This and other blog posts from me will answer that and related questions.  This particular post breaks it down very simply.  For a more detailed look at what is bitcoin please see my other post “What Is Bitcoin”

Now to the meat of the matter, how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica

Here is one of the easiest and profitable ways to earn bitcoin from Jamaica [or anywhere you are for that matter]. Introducing the program called Crypto Diamond

CryptoDiamond is an international crypto investment platform where the power of mining, trading, crowdfunding and bitcoin volatility is used all in one to get profits for investors…
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Just like there are many legal tender in the world, so also are there many Crypto currencies online.
Also we have central bank in our contemporary world so also the net. The “central bank” of all Crypto currencies is *block chain*
There are different banks in our world of tody so also are there many Crypto wallets
Just as you have ur bank account, you have your wallet address. This is where your Crypto currencies are stored for your usage at any time. 
So the net is now like our world as its a world of its own. Why not join the movement and invest, Its like investing your money in a bank and getting dividend after 7 days.
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This is just one of the many ways I will teach you how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.
 Enjoy and hit me up if you have any challenges getting started.  Remember you have found the home for multiple options of how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica. So do not keep this blog post a secret, share it on your social media profiles because we both know that there are many others out there wanting to know how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.
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How To Raise Funds:For Non Profits

Non profits have been hard hit by the global down turn in the economy. The tradition fund raising methods have been returning less than desirable returns leaving many of these organizations in more than a pickle. In light of this, it is quite likely that their leadership may be asking how to raise funds: For non profits on the internet. Please view the short video below and send me a message via the Talk With Me form on my website here to request more info. It will be my pleasure to work with you on this:

Remember to send me a message via the Talk With Me

The benefits of shopping on Ebay

Benefits of Buying on eBay

Are you one of the millions  persons  who prefers to shop Online? Shopping online is popular because it is quick, easy, and convenient. It is also popular Because, when shopping online, you have a number of different options, as there are a number of Different retaebay_logoilers that you can choose to shop online with. One of those is eBay. If you aren’t Already shopping on eBay, you may want to look into it, as there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of shopping on eBay is all of the Products that you have to choose from. EBay isn’t like a traditional retailer. They are Actually an online auction website. EBay has other internet users sell products that they have to Consumers, just like you. With this type of set up, eBay has an unlimited number of products to choose From. For instance, you can buy real estate, cars, clothing, toys, pet supplies, home décor,entertainment items, and much more.  On eBay. Basically, anything you are looking for, within reason Of course, you should be able to find on eBay.

Another one of the many benefits to shopping on eBay is that you Have a number of sellers to do business with. As it was previously mentioned, eBay allows all Internet users to sell items that they no longer need or want to own. Over the past few years, the The popularity of eBay has reached an all time high. This is what has lead to an unlimited Number of eBay sellers. Since many sellers are selling the same products or similar products, You should have the option to choose who you want to do business with. When buying a product Online, particularly one that is offered for sale by a number of different sellers, you are Advised to examine product costs, shipping and handling costs, as well as each seller’s feedback. Doing so will make shopping on EBay a positive experience for you.

It is also important to note that eBay is easy to use. In fact, Ease of use is one of the many other reasons why eBay has become so popular in recent years. As an eBay buyer, you need to create a free eBay account. That account will allow you to buy in EBay. Once you are a registered eBay member, you can easily start searching for Products that you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a particular music CD, you can just type the artist name and album name into eBay’s search box and you should be presented With a number of auctions which have your CD available for sale. If you are only looking for Spend a certain amount of Money or purchase a CD that is located in the United States, you can perform an advanced search. An advanced search makes it easier to find what you need.   The search feauture on Ebay is very powerful.  You can search by price range, to stay within a particular budget, search by item location in case you want to get the item from a seller nearer to you etc.

The above mentioned benefits, to doing your online shopping through eBay, are just a few of the many that exist. In fact, even if you are unsure as to whether or Not you want to start shopping on eBay, you are advised to at least examine it. EBay guests can Navigate the site to get a  taste of what items can commonly be found for sale on eBay. With a large selection of products, a number of sellers to choose from, and ease of use, there is a Good chance that you may find yourself doing the bulk of your online shopping on eBay. And, if You end up doing so, you will definitely will not be alone.  Who knows we may even end up in a bidding war for an item :).  Of course since this website is dedicated to helping you make money online I will do another post with the benefits of selling on ebay and how to get started with that.

21 questions to test your financial stability

How stable are you financially.  Here is a self assessment tool that will help you determine your level of financial stability Financial stability is  of paramount importance because our emotional and psychological well being is closely linked to our financial stability.  So take these 2IMPOSSIBLE2POSSIBLE1 questions to test your financial stability and write down the answers honestly in a notebook and study the answers with a view to taking some concrete actions to remedy what can be remedied.  You may need to sit with an experienced financial advisor and have the help you review the answers you have written down.  Here goes


Exercise: Please answer the following questions — you may want to write them down in a notebook or journal:

  1. What happens to most people when they reach the age of 65?
  2. Are you controlled by time and money?
  3. Do you have to become excited and fanatical about something to succeed?
  4. Can you use your brain to do something new?
  5. Are you stuck in a rut?
  6. What are the effects of taxes and inflation?
  7. What does the “education system” program you to do?
  8. Why don’t pigs know that pigs stink?
  9. Can the truth set you free?
  10. What do your bank balance and credit card balances tell you about your level of success?
  11. Do you spend more than you earn?
  12. Have you been living a life of “quiet desperation?”
  13. Have you been making excuses, or have you been making things happen?
  14. What’s the relationship between you and the size of the things that make you angry?
  15. How many people really know what they’re doing and where they’re going?
  16. What’s the first decision you need to make to succeed?
  17. What do winners do with excuses?
  18. What is a door and how do you get through it?
  19. What does success begin with?
  20. Do you have to know how to do something before you decide to do it?
  21. Until when did most people in America work for themselves?
  22. What does you need to right NOW in light of what your answers on this test of financial stability show?

Senior Accounting and Sales Representative Needed

The applicant must have CXC MATHS & ENGLISH 


To sell baked products  

The applicant must have GENERAL DRIVERS LICENSE 

Minimum of 3 years driving experience 
-including Saturdays

Please send resume to:
FAX: 922-1869