How to Earn Bitcoin From Jamaica

The world of income generation has changed and is changing rapidly.  A question on the minds and lips of many around me has been how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.  This has been made to seem super complicated by many but it really does not need to be so complicated.  So for all who have been asking and wondering how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica you have come to the right place.  This and other blog posts from me will answer that and related questions.  This particular post breaks it down very simply.  For a more detailed look at what is bitcoin please see my other post “What Is Bitcoin”

Now to the meat of the matter, how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica

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Just like there are many legal tender in the world, so also are there many Crypto currencies online.
Also we have central bank in our contemporary world so also the net. The “central bank” of all Crypto currencies is *block chain*
There are different banks in our world of tody so also are there many Crypto wallets
Just as you have ur bank account, you have your wallet address. This is where your Crypto currencies are stored for your usage at any time. 
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This is just one of the many ways I will teach you how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.
 Enjoy and hit me up if you have any challenges getting started.  Remember you have found the home for multiple options of how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica. So do not keep this blog post a secret, share it on your social media profiles because we both know that there are many others out there wanting to know how to earn bitcoin from Jamaica.
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Guts Over Fear

It is my distinct honour to have been invited to share in the 2015 Valedictory service of this institution. In the first place I love to celebrate the achievements of others so please accept my extravagant congratulations to you on reaching this touchstone in your life. In the second place this institution afforded me the opportunity to flesh out the skills and knowledge that I gained in my first degree. My time here played a pivotal role in my ministerial and professional formation. I therefore owe the Papine High School an eternal debt.

Allow me then to engage your mind for a few moments and to lift your consciousness to a level that will cause you to seized by the fierce urgency of now as a key tipping point for the kind of future success you desire and deserve.

It was Eleanor Roosvelt who said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” She was definitely on to something there. In a similar manner let me offer you my favorite definition of vision, a clear mental picture of a preferred future. This implies that one is very aware of the status quo, their current reality. At the personal level such as your family’s current economic situation, your own personal needs. At the communal level all the issues and situations that are far from ideal. Those things that bother you, the things that scream out at you ‘this is not right!’ Having that clear sense of the current reality informs the future you prefer, the future where the family’s economic situation is far improved, the future where you are able to meet your personal needs and that of others. The future where the issues and situations around you now look like the way of peace and serenity and order and unity. Vision is a clear mental picture of that kind of future you desire. This is precisely where Dr. martin Luther King arrived at when he delivered his now famous “I have a dream” speech, one of my favorites. There came a knock on his door at midnight, a knock that smelled of danger, as members of the KKK came to drag his wife and children outside to burn them alive. They all managed to survive that night but the knock at midnight ignited an unextinguishable fire in his soul. That current reality was far from ideal and he saw a clear picture of the preferred future where little black boys and girls could play together. He had a dream. In the Biblical account Moses has been informed by God that he will not be crossing over Jordan into the Promised Land. He is however allowed to Climb Mount Nebo and from the heights of Pisgah he looks across and beholds the land. His imagination gives way to sight. I invite you to climb Mount Nebo and allow your imagination to be replaced by sight. The sight of the future you desire.

I am asking you graduands to do it because unless you do it, unless you see it no one else will do it for you. Even if someone else does it and describes it for you it would be useless to you. You must be possessed by a deep ownership of the beliefs, values, attitudes and actions that are required for the attainment of success. To put it bluntly, if it is to happen it’s up to you. Personal responsibility means an understanding by students that the buck stops with them and they are ultimately responsible for what happens in their lives. During the years we’re young, it’s easy to place blame on parents, teachers, or siblings in order to psychologically make ourselves feel better about our own fault. Yet, the truth of the matter, both failures and successes should be accredited to the person individually. Too many of our citizens are avoiding personal responsibility.   At the end of Denzil Washington’s recent movie, “The Equalizer” a very catchy sounding song plays, the title of the song is “Guts over Fear”. A part of the chorus has stuck with me and I share it with you to seal the point of personal responsibility

I was … afraid to make a single sound

Afraid I would never find a way out, out, out

Afraid I’d never be found

I didn’t wanna go another round

An angry man’s power will shut you up

Trip wires fill this house with tip-toed love

Run out of excuses for everyone

So here I am and I will not run

The second reason I ask you to climb Mt. Nebo in your mind is so that you can get a very clear sense of the hills, valleys, rivers, armies… In a word, the obstacles that you will have to navigate in order to arrive at your promised land.   What is the nature of the world into which you young, beaming graduands are being sent? I submit to you that if you go out there naively you will quickly become food for the preys. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let me then, quickly paint a picture of that world.

Keith Wagstaff, was reflecting on the challenges that face college students. He suggested three such challenges:

  1. Staggering student loan debt: the cost of college has increased 1,120 percent since records were first kept in 1978, rising four times faster than the consumer price index, which measures inflation. This wouldn’t be a big deal if companies were gladly hiring young people without a college degree. The problem, however, is that the “undergraduate degree has become the new high school diploma,” What all of this means for you is that the subjects that you will pass are no longer enough to land you a job, you now need a college degree, and to get that college degree is quite costly. The average college degree in Jamaica costs at least 1.2 Million.


  1. Dim employment prospects
    Even when shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for college, graduates have little guarantee of a job afterwards. Even if they find a job, there is a good chance it doesn’t pay much. Forty-five percent of college grads between 22 and 27 years old are “underemployed” — meaning they have jobs that don’t require the college degrees they paid so much for. In Jamaica, as of January 2015, 87, 200 persons between 20 – 24 are outside the labour force, according to STATIN.
  2. Long-term salary disadvantage
    Sure, young college graduates might have trouble finding a job now, but they’ll pick themselves up and make up the lost salary later on, right? Nope. Studies show that 70 percent of overall wage growth occurs in the first 10 years of a person’s career.

So, Rev. Jones, you may ask, why did you come here on our happy day to be the bearer of such bad news? Well it’s all a matter of perspective. You can sink into a hopeless pit at the sound of that news or, as was my intention you can stand on Mt. Nebo, see your promised land, your preferred future and determine that you are going to get there. The fact of these obstacles becomes the very fire that energizes your focus and discipline to get what it takes and to do what it takes to give yourself the slight edge. It is my intention to say, “guts over fear”

Survival and thriving in today’s world requires boldness, a boldness that was far less needed 20 – 40 years ago. For apart from the changes in the landscape of job qualifications you will also have to contend with some other realities that the world is currently struggling to grapple with. There is the new wave of terrorism in the form of ISIS, Jihadists and Boko Haram. These groups have shown to the world a new brand of violence. There is the reality of climate change. Have you noticed how hot it is, even in the nights? Well it will get worse. Dr. Michel Taylor reported on his research earlier this year at the Grace Kennedy Foundation’s annual Lecture series that in just 8 years time, 2023 the coldest night will be hotter than the hottest day in 2015.   Trends and fads now spread in a matter of hours due to social media and internet penetration. The Charlie Charlie game went viral in one weekend and caused more than a scare in our local schools. You’ve perhaps already seen the latest “gas cylinder” challenge or maybe even participated? Then there is the matter of the definition of right and wrong within the discussion and debate about rights. You will have to determine what if any is your authoritative source for determining right and wrong. Those who hold to the authority of the Bible as that source will come under increasing pressure to capitulate to popular opinion and legal jurisdictions. The US Sepreme Court has effectively redefined marriage and many anticipate the opening of the flood gates. Indeed in other countries persons have gotten married to a dog, a bridge and a picture of a dead fiancé. These are the new frontiers that await you.

How do you respond to these current realities so that you enter into your promised land, your preferred future? I share with you a few suggestions.

A long time ago, when the animal creation was being differentiated into swimmers, climbers, fliers, and runners, there was a school for the development of the animals. The theory of the school was that the best animals should be able to do one thing as well as another; and if there was an apparent aptitude in a given animal for doing one thing and an apparent inaptitude for doing other things, the time and effort should be spent upon the latter instead of the former.

If one had short legs and good wings, the attention should be given to running so as to even up the qualities as far as possible. So the duck was kept waddling instead of swimming, the pelican was kept wagging his short wings in the attempt to fly. The eagle was made to run and allowed to fly only for recreation, while maturing tadpoles were unmercifully guyed for being neither one thing nor another. All this in the name of Education.

Nature was not to be trusted in her make up of individuals, for individuals should be symmetrically developed and similar for their own welfare as well as for the welfare of the community. The animals that would not submit to such training, but persisted in developing the best gifts they had, were dishonored, called narrow-minded and specialists, and special difficulties were placed in their way when they attempted to ignore the theory of education recognized by the school.

No one was allowed to graduate from that school unless he could climb, swim, run, and fly at a certain prescribed rate. So it happened that the time taken by the duck in learning to run the prescribed rate had so hindered him from swimming that he was scarcely able to swim at the prescribed rate, and in addition he had been scolded, threatened, punished, and ill-treated in many ways so as to make his life a burden, and he left school humiliated, and the ornithorhyncus could beat him either running or swimming. Indeed, the latter carried off the prize in two departments. The eagle made no headway in climbing to the top of a tree. Though he showed he could get there just the same, the performance was counted a demerit, as it had not been done in the prescribed way. An abnormal eel with large pectoral fins proved he could run, swim, climb trees, and fly a little; he was made valedictorian. This allegory was written by Amos E. Dolbear of Tufts, a prominent physicist and inventor.

As far as the educational and career pathways go please ensure that you make a mental shift as far as your self understanding of intelligence is concerned. Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?” In a similar way, Professor John Vorminck of Cape Town, South Africa made a statement in our class that has revolutionalized my approach to education. He argues that we have been asking the wrong question for years. Do not ask ‘how intelligent are you?’ So you students here today let me ask you, ‘how are you intelligent.’ You see that question assumes that you are intelligent, it affirms that each human is vested with intelligence because we bear the image of the intelligent God who made us. Each possesses intelligence. Some in the arts, some in the sciences, some in the skilled craft, some in artistic expressions. So again, how are you intelligent? When you answer that question you will realize that there is a space for all of us in the world of earnings. Disabuse yourself of the notion that the only way to earn is to go and work for someone else. Down with the notion that it is only if you pass certain subjects you can have a career. Those who did the skilled areas must never allow themselves to feel as second class citizens. Your next step would be to enroll at HEART, all the way up to the level 3 Diploma, become internationally certified as welder, electrical engineer, carpenter. Use that smartphone you have google the hourly rate that such persons are paid in Canada for example. Your job field is no longer limited to the few available jobs in Jamaica. The very fact that you have a smartphone should motivate you to success. When I first used a computer in 1996 as a first year Associate degree student the monitor resembled a black and white TV and everything on it was in one colour, orange. Do you know many colours your smartphone is able to show? 64 million. Somebody, who was perhaps once seating in a val service wanted to fix the problem of single colour graphical display. I wonder what problem you will fix?

I am suggesting to you that you have what it takes within you. Even if you sit here now and realize that you wasted your time here, let today be the day you re-imagine your life. As you stand on Mt. Nebo and view the future.

I am suggesting that the future of work is online. The next time you call customer service and hear an Indian accent remember I told you so.

I am suggesting that with the power of your smart phone and a little training you can run a million dollar buying and selling business on Ebay or Amazon.

I am suggesting that in order to arrive at the Promised land, the preferred future you will need to work out from today what are the non-negotiables as far as your values and convictions are concerned. There will always be easy money to be made…and with it there will always be a jail cell or a spot at Dovecot. Honesty is still the best policy, skill and talent may get you to the top but only integrity will keep you there.

  • Pepsi says to you live for now. I say to you live for the future.
  • Nike says to you just do it. I say to you first ask yourself what is ‘it’
  • Drake says to you, you only live once. I say to you, yes but there is life
  • after death. Live to prepare for that life.

So my friends I’ve asked you to climb Mt. Nebo and see the promised land, the preferred future. If you have seen it, descend Mt. Nebo, go forth, cross the Jordan boldly, ‘Guts Over Fear’ and possess the Promised Land so help you God!


The benefits of shopping on Ebay

Benefits of Buying on eBay

Are you one of the millions  persons  who prefers to shop Online? Shopping online is popular because it is quick, easy, and convenient. It is also popular Because, when shopping online, you have a number of different options, as there are a number of Different retaebay_logoilers that you can choose to shop online with. One of those is eBay. If you aren’t Already shopping on eBay, you may want to look into it, as there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of shopping on eBay is all of the Products that you have to choose from. EBay isn’t like a traditional retailer. They are Actually an online auction website. EBay has other internet users sell products that they have to Consumers, just like you. With this type of set up, eBay has an unlimited number of products to choose From. For instance, you can buy real estate, cars, clothing, toys, pet supplies, home décor,entertainment items, and much more.  On eBay. Basically, anything you are looking for, within reason Of course, you should be able to find on eBay.

Another one of the many benefits to shopping on eBay is that you Have a number of sellers to do business with. As it was previously mentioned, eBay allows all Internet users to sell items that they no longer need or want to own. Over the past few years, the The popularity of eBay has reached an all time high. This is what has lead to an unlimited Number of eBay sellers. Since many sellers are selling the same products or similar products, You should have the option to choose who you want to do business with. When buying a product Online, particularly one that is offered for sale by a number of different sellers, you are Advised to examine product costs, shipping and handling costs, as well as each seller’s feedback. Doing so will make shopping on EBay a positive experience for you.

It is also important to note that eBay is easy to use. In fact, Ease of use is one of the many other reasons why eBay has become so popular in recent years. As an eBay buyer, you need to create a free eBay account. That account will allow you to buy in EBay. Once you are a registered eBay member, you can easily start searching for Products that you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a particular music CD, you can just type the artist name and album name into eBay’s search box and you should be presented With a number of auctions which have your CD available for sale. If you are only looking for Spend a certain amount of Money or purchase a CD that is located in the United States, you can perform an advanced search. An advanced search makes it easier to find what you need.   The search feauture on Ebay is very powerful.  You can search by price range, to stay within a particular budget, search by item location in case you want to get the item from a seller nearer to you etc.

The above mentioned benefits, to doing your online shopping through eBay, are just a few of the many that exist. In fact, even if you are unsure as to whether or Not you want to start shopping on eBay, you are advised to at least examine it. EBay guests can Navigate the site to get a  taste of what items can commonly be found for sale on eBay. With a large selection of products, a number of sellers to choose from, and ease of use, there is a Good chance that you may find yourself doing the bulk of your online shopping on eBay. And, if You end up doing so, you will definitely will not be alone.  Who knows we may even end up in a bidding war for an item :).  Of course since this website is dedicated to helping you make money online I will do another post with the benefits of selling on ebay and how to get started with that.

get paid to write

learnsuccesswithteddyIn keep with the mission of this website, helping you to make money online here is a great option for those who love to write. Do you like writing? What if I told you that there are quite a few ways to get paid to write? Oh yes! Writing is big money… you only need to think of the best selling authors, the magazine editors, the journalists… Those are the conventional ways to get paid to write though.  With the advent of the INTERNET many new possibilities opened up.  You may have heard of persons who write blogs that earn them thousands each month.  This is one way to get paid to write which will have to be covered in a separate blog post all by itself because it is so vast.  There are persons who are paid by bloggers to write articles for their blogs.  This too I will cover in another post.  For now I want to share with you a service I came across recently which is willing to pay you USD100 yes you saw write, not 10, but $100 if you submit n article to them which they consider good enough to post on the site.  What they want is a list of at least 10 things, with a total of 1500 words.  They are looking interesting things, like “Top 10 least known beaches in Jamaica” or “Ten things you may not know can be done with vinegar”.  The article must be your original work.  You simply submit your article, and wait for them to review it, once they decide to post it to their blog, they will pay you $100 via paypal. So how many lists of 10 do you think you can write each week so that you ca get paid to write? Here’s your chance to get your creative juices flowing and get some cash in your hand. Ready to get paid to write? Here is the site where you can get more info and submit your first article. GET PAID TO WRITE. To submit your article you scroll down to the end of the site and you will see a link there to do that.  Now go and bear fruit because we are here to fulfill our mission of helping you to make money online. Cheers.

How to detect potential online scams

I am excited to write this blog post how to detect potential online scams.  It comes from my heart and from the pain of my own personal experiences.  In my pilgrimage in the network marketing industry I would say that one of the most common objections I encounter from persons in the Caribbean is that they don’t trust these things, this looks like a scam, no this is a ponzi etc.  I always stress to persons who would like to venture into online business the importance of “due diligence”, that is taking the time to check and recheck as much as possible.  The reality is that there are thousands of legitimate online businesses but there are perhaps hundreds of scams out there too.  What is neded is not to despair or paint all online businesses with the same brush, but a logical and systematic way to test and know how to detect potential online scams.  Time for some truth, are you ready for it?


It’s called by many names . . . mlm, multi-level marketing, network marketing, networking and by some – pyramid schemes.

Multi-level marketing is not, and never has been, a pyramid scheme! There is a world of difference in the two and it is so misunderstood that many people (who really need an extra income won’t become involved.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) differs from a pyramid scheme in one basic way. With multi-level marketing you can only earn a commission on the sale of a product. In a pyramid scheme you earn a commission on the recruiting of distributors . . . so the emphasis is on recruiting bodies and not on the sale of products/

Example: Let’s say that Joe signs up as a distributor under Tom . . .

Signup could be free or there may be a distributor kit purchase required. Tom makes no money when Joe becomes a distributor – from the kit or in any other way, unless Joe begins to sell the product offered by the company.

In simple terms . . . with a pyramid scheme, you make money by recruiting distributors and not by the sale of products. This is illegal so it’s best to stay away from that type of program.

The ideal MLM company has a product to sell, a reasonable price, and that generates reorders on a regular basis for residual income.

There are a ton of profitable and legal mlm companies.  I will continue to write blog posts here to describe and define the qualities and types of legal ways of making money online so I invite you to subscribe to my blog.  Thanks for reading. If you thought this was useful info please share the post with others via the social media buttons at the top.


5 steps to achieve your goals

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals 

Perhaps nowhere else other than New Year’s resolutions do people fail to reach their goals.  It is chronic.  In that case and in most, if not all other cases a few basic steps can greatly increase the rate at which we achieve our goals.
First, these steps are meant for those in a time crunch or for those who have a fast approaching deadline. It’s recommended you develop a structured plan that helps you achieve your goals so you aren’t scrambling at the end to meet your goal.
Next, use these steps to prioritize your tasks to make time for writing, budget your time effectively, and go out with a bang!  They are however very applicable to more mid to long range goals as well. Apply them and you will no doubt achieve your goals

1. Identify Your Priorities – What tasks hold the greatest value (biggest ROI)? Make a list of everything you do in a given day and rank it starting with 1 as your highest priority. Delegate anything that is low priority. If delegation isn’t possible, let it go (deep breath) to make room for tasks that hold the greatest value to you.

2. Break it Down – Break down your tasks into actionable steps. For example, instead of “send tweet,” you might be break it down to “brainstorm tweet ideas,” “write tweets,” and “schedule/post tweet.” A more specific writing example would include “brainstorm article topics,” “outline article,” “draft article,” “edit article,” and “submit article.”

3. Increase Efficiency – Eliminate the following:

Time sinks or activities that take up huge chunks of your time with little to no value
Self-induced or outside distractions that make you lose your focus
Multi-tasking or not giving one task your full attention at any given time

4. Create a Plan – In the amount of time you have before your deadline, calculate how long it will take to perform a given task and schedule it at least a day in advance. To amp up your writing efforts, take a day to write (or two or three – whatever you can). Clear your schedule and dedicate every resource you have to reaching your writing goal on that day.

5. Execute – Spring into action with every fiber of your being! Give every article an extra 10% of quality and originality to increase your ROI and exercise those article writing muscles.

Go now! Make your plan and get everyone (friends, family, and peers) on board. Don’t go out of this year with a whimper simply because you didn’t make your goal. End it with a bang!

21 questions to test your financial stability

How stable are you financially.  Here is a self assessment tool that will help you determine your level of financial stability Financial stability is  of paramount importance because our emotional and psychological well being is closely linked to our financial stability.  So take these 2IMPOSSIBLE2POSSIBLE1 questions to test your financial stability and write down the answers honestly in a notebook and study the answers with a view to taking some concrete actions to remedy what can be remedied.  You may need to sit with an experienced financial advisor and have the help you review the answers you have written down.  Here goes


Exercise: Please answer the following questions — you may want to write them down in a notebook or journal:

  1. What happens to most people when they reach the age of 65?
  2. Are you controlled by time and money?
  3. Do you have to become excited and fanatical about something to succeed?
  4. Can you use your brain to do something new?
  5. Are you stuck in a rut?
  6. What are the effects of taxes and inflation?
  7. What does the “education system” program you to do?
  8. Why don’t pigs know that pigs stink?
  9. Can the truth set you free?
  10. What do your bank balance and credit card balances tell you about your level of success?
  11. Do you spend more than you earn?
  12. Have you been living a life of “quiet desperation?”
  13. Have you been making excuses, or have you been making things happen?
  14. What’s the relationship between you and the size of the things that make you angry?
  15. How many people really know what they’re doing and where they’re going?
  16. What’s the first decision you need to make to succeed?
  17. What do winners do with excuses?
  18. What is a door and how do you get through it?
  19. What does success begin with?
  20. Do you have to know how to do something before you decide to do it?
  21. Until when did most people in America work for themselves?
  22. What does you need to right NOW in light of what your answers on this test of financial stability show?

Business Opportunity – How To Find A Real Online Job

job searchFinding a good business opportunity online can be tricky, especially today when Internet is overloaded with all sorts of information about earning money from your home. All this information can be confusing sometimes and it may seem impossible to find a good, honest job you can do from your home. It is my pleasure to share with you here how to find a real online job.

There are many people worldwide in need of web designers, programmers, graphic designers, writers, experts in marketing and SEO, etc. If you possess the necessary skills, there is an excellent business opportunity for you – to become a freelancer.  Many college students especially those studying ICT are harnessing income using sites such as ELANCE

You may probably wander how much this business opportunity costs. The answer is nothing. There is no cost to become a freelancer. You only have to possess some of the mentioned skills and be willing to do jobs for others.

This business opportunity is ideal for all sorts of professionals, experts without a job, students, skilled individuals looking to earn some money and even some IT companies that look for a way to expand their business.

The next question regarding this business opportunity is how to find people in need of your services? One way is to advertise your services to others on your website. The other way is to join sites intended for connecting freelancers and their service buyers. There are new jobs constantly on these sites and you only have to select projects you are interested in doing and bid for them.

Getting a freelance job on these sites is like winning an auction. Service buyers post their projects and then interested freelancers make their offers. Service buyers select freelancers to complete projects based on the offered price and time period necessary for project completion. Every time a freelancer completes some project, he/she receives a feedback from service buyer. The feedback serves as a reputation of a freelancer. As freelancers complete more and more projects, they build up their reputation. Many service buyers also consider reputation when they choose their freelancers.

The key to success in this business opportunity (getting more jobs) is to offer your services for a lower cost until you gain feedback and to offer examples of your previous work. This should increase your chances to be selected as a freelance service provider.

A lot of money can be made with this business opportunity and that mostly depends on the type of project you must complete, time necessary for the completion of the project and the level of expertise needed. Usually projects that pay the most involve Java, ASP, PHP programming, flash, SEO, marketing and web design. There are some jobs that pay over $5000.  I bid you peace and best of luck as you explore this whole new frontier of earning.  If you’d like to check out one of the ways in which I am earning online you can click here.

how to profit from reselling digital products online

This is the Mega Launch 2014 <!!> Mega Launch 2014 <!!> Mega Launch 2014.  In an age of economic difficulty we have to explore business start ups that are low cost and low stress.  Introducing the Digisoft Program.   Ron Walsh led a successful program of a similar nature for  5 years and has made this one even better than the previous one.


Definitely one of the BEST business model and pay plan that I’ve seen in the last 15 years! Someone would have to be brain dead to pass on this opportunity!  It has everything laid out carefully and in a detailed manner so that the newbie or the expert can know how to profit from reselling digital products

Take the FR-EE 15 Day DigiSoft Challenge to see for yourself!  This model teaches anyone how to profit form reselling digital products online.  This is a done for you, “TurnKey” system. The hassle of setting up a website, hosting and uploading content has been done for you.


THIS is from a proven Admin, Ron Walsh, who made huge money in millions and paid out over millions to his member from his famed Ez Wealth Solution etc.

This is a hot program, and will be promoted heavily. If his success is like his earlier program, this one will be more!

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I HATE my job and Mondays

This story was sent to my email by Joel Therien, one of the leading entrepreneurs online.  I know that it rings true for many out there so with his permission I am sharing his story.

“I am where you are, I have been where you are…


Many out there are saying, even if not out loud

I hate my job and mondays

Every Sunday was the Sunday blues for me 🙁

You know, it has been over 15 years but I can remember my
Sunday blues so vividly. Every Friday morning, I was happier
than could be, then yet, come Sunday afternoon I would fall
into a huge depression. Talk about a massive emotional roller

The sad reality today is that 99% of people hate what they do
for a living. I can remember just out of University working at a
local hospital, and for the very first time in my life I became

You see, I was very excited to get a job at the Montford
hospital in Ottawa Ontario Canada with a starting salary of
$52,000 per year! That was big money for me then. However,
as I got to know my colleagues I discovered very quickly that
some of them had been there for over 20 years and they were
making approximately $56,000 per year!


So I can expect to get a $4000 raise in the next 20 years! Not
much room for advancement if you ask me! You see, learning how
the human body works and all its moving parts was very fascinating
in school.

But, once I got into the workplace I was doing cardiac stress
testing all day long. Stick someone on the treadmill, read their
electrocardiogram, send them home. Stick someone new on the
treadmill, read their electrocardiogram and send them home!

I was doing the same thing day in and day out every single day.
For the first time in my life, as I said earlier, I became extremely

I thought to myself, “Can I really do this for the next 30 to 35 years?”  

Deep down I knew that, the reality was that I knew that if I was asked

Boy was I stuck, my first baby girl Livija, was due in the next

few months, I was depressed out of my mind, and on a whim and
moments notice, I did the most irresponsible thing possible, at least
I thought it was..

Yep.. I quit my job!

I came home that day, scared to death to say anything to anyone.
The next morning, I told my wife I was not feeling well and was
going to stay home from work. Well, that worked for another couple
of days but soon enough my wife Ilona said “Honey, you need to
get back to work or you will be fired”

At that very moment, I felt my throat close and I mumbled,
“Honey I quit two days ago”..

Here it came.., my wife was yelling at me, my mother told me I was
running my life, my sister told me I was completely irresponsible with
the baby coming. GOD I wasn’t a real man…

The only person, that was supportive was my father, the true entrepreneur!

You know, it took me over two years to make my first dime online.
My wife nearly gave me the ultimate ultimatum, and that was, it is
your stupid computer or it was me, you make that choice!

Thank God she was patient, as leading up to today, since that day
we has never looked back!

>>> I have never had the Sunday blues again!

>>> I have never regretted being able to take my kids to school!

>>> I have never felt so free in my life!

So what does that have to do with you? Well see, I know what
you’re going through, I have been there! I know the frustrations,
I know the fears, I know the lack of spousal support, I know the
financial drain, I know the stress, and I know the tears.

NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is worse than going to a job that you
absolutely despise!

I am unequivocally here for you, I have been there, and I will show
you exactly what you need to do with to make it
a success, to prove the naysayers wrong, and most importantly to
acquire the freedom that you deserve so that you can do what you
want when you want to do it!

You owe that not only to yourself, but to your family as well.

Where else can you start a business for such a low investment? Where
else does the world become your marketplace.”

Join our team for FREE today, it is simply one choice and one click away!

Getting inward relevant work from home links

Most web masters have realized that exchanging reciprocal links is not as effective as it used to be. Most of the major search engines give a lower rating for a reciprocal link than they do for a one-way link. So how do you go about getting quality inward links for your home based business site. We have all heard of the ABC format of exchanging links many Seo sites will tell you how this is done. What they don’t tell you is where to go to get these links.

If your Businesses site relies on Search engine traffic as opposed to other forms like pay per click or opt mail lists then getting inward one-way links is paramount to your Businesses success. Even if your Website pages have been finely honed to achieve the maximum benefits of Search engine optimization with out good quality relevant links you have very little hope of showing up on the first page of the results returned unless you have a low competition set of keywords in which case you’ll still want to have a linking campaign there are over one million new domains added to the Web everyday and without quality links its only a matter of time before competitors arrive and knock you off your perch.  This is exactly what you do not wish to happen.  Be focused on getting these relevant incoming work from home links because they will be the lifeblood of your business.

So what are the options? There are many sites that cater to getting inward links for webmasters some require payment for their services other require you post a link back to them. The danger of doing this is you have no control where your link ends up or if the Search engines class the provider as a link farm.

Here is a way that is easy to set up that will guarantee all links you get are one way to your site and will encourage other webmasters to link back to you and all the relevant sites you link to. Create your own Business Directory on a Subdomain of your website. Subdomains are treated as individual websites by search engines so by you posting your link to other sites on your Directory and they posting their links to your main site in their site you both have achieved a one way link. Now by optimizing the pages in your Subdomain for linking categories e.g., Directory links, article links, your relevant business keywords etc and posting in links from all your sites and Blogs to your directory there is a benefit for other webmasters to exchange links with you as your pr and link rankings will flow through to these links.  The idea is to get more and more relevant inward work form home links to your blog or website.  The big guns in the industry spend lots of time and money working on this because they know the value of it.

Here is a quick tip for seeing future back links on Google (Google can take months to update backlinks) for sites you are considering exchanging links rather than typing in the search field link: the url , type site to url . If you have a site that is relevant to home business or home based opportunities don’t forget to post your link in our Directory.

Unique Home Decor Reflects Your Taste and Style

Our homes may be our proverbial castles, but they’re not truly ours until we imprint them with our own personal style. Unique home decor can transform our apartment or house into a haven – a place that comforts and energizes us, that is our retreat from the outside world, and into which we welcome our friends and family. This is bound to be a fun project.  You will sit back and really enjoy the results.

Limitless Choices

When it comes to decorating our homes, our choices are virtually limitless. We can opt to incorporate a theme into a room or throughout the house, or can choose a more eclectic approach. We can go with Western decor, country decor, or even African safari decor. We can incorporate small home accents or large, eye-catching pieces. We can spruce up our kitchen with casual dinnerware, or completely change the tone of a room with accent lighting. We can even extend our living space to the outdoors with whimsical garden decor, or bring the outdoors in with table top fountains. Essentially, we can let our imaginations guide us in order to find the unique home decor that fits our taste and lifestyle.

Start with the Basics

Small accents can completely transform a room’s look and feel, but in order to make them work, you need furniture that is fairly neutral. An ornate Victorian chair will look silly when paired with home accents that have an island theme. On the other hand, if your furniture has clean lines and a timeless appeal, you have the flexibility to use small pieces to infuse a room with a certain feel. An added benefit is that, with neutral furniture, you can easily change the tone of a room by changing out the accents.

Selecting Home Accents

When starting out, you can clearly state your room’s intention by choosing throws and accent pillows that reflect the theme you want. If you want African safari decor, for example, you don’t have to get your sofa recovered in a leopard print. Instead, you can incorporate a throw pillow with a leopard print. While an elephant wall mural might work in some rooms, others can get by with an elephant figurine combined with safari-themed pots for your houseplants.

Similarly, if your goal is a room with an Asian theme, you don’t have to paint the room bright red. Instead, you can bring in a mirror with an Asian-inspired black and red frame, a tall black and red vase, or prints of apple blossoms on a red background.

Finding Unique Home Decor

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to find high-quality, affordable home decor. Whether shopping for your home or your garden, you can find a wealth of ideas to inspire you, as well as some great bargains. Whether your goal is to have a room filled with Eastern treasures or design a room with hip, European flair, you can find everything you need with a few clicks of your mouse.

Feel free to just connect with your inner artistic self as your go hard and all out on this.