Teddy A Jones

Schizophrenia in Jamaica

Let’s juxtapose the fact that some here in Jamaica are cheering for the fact that the mass shooting occurred in a gay club with the fact that many here in Jamaica are up in arms with the SDA administrators of Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for stating that they will take disciplinary action, including and up to […]

Guts Over Fear

It is my distinct honour to have been invited to share in the 2015 Valedictory service of this institution. In the first place I love to celebrate the achievements of others so please accept my extravagant congratulations to you on reaching this touchstone in your life. In the second place this institution afforded me the […]

Feeling all Alone

Do you know what it feels like to be feeling all alone?  Have you been to a place where it seems that any minute something else will go wrong and you just don’t know how much you can take? Been there done that.  I was feeling all alone today, then I got to reading an […]

Reforming the church for the glory of God

It is with immense joy that we wish to announce that we in RENEWED Ministries, Jamaica, have started our series of consultations with  young leaders here on “Reforming the Church for the glory of God!”  This is directed towards mobilizing young Christian leaders and those they lead in Jamaica (and later in the other Caribbean […]

Christmas Greetings from The Jones’

God’s Perfect Timing A very merry Christmas to you!! The Jones Clan greets you highly and wishes that the hope, light and life of Christmas will flood your heart with joy and bring your family closer to the realization of the huge plans that God has in store for you. These are challenging times in […]

Adoption A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Recently one of my esteemed colleagues described Christmas as a time when persons invent new ways to get into debt.  As we pause to reflect on the incarnation I’d like to suggest that we consider the notion of timing and grappling with knowing what is required at this time in our nation’s history so that […]

Did Paul condone slavery in Philemon

The question did Paul condone slavery in Philemon is often raised by detractor of the Bible.  Here it is addressed as part of my series of messages for the Radio program “The Grace Hour” which comes on RJR94FM every Sunday morning at 7.15 and is produced by the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica. The constraints of […]

The Great Reversal in Obadiah

This week the people of Jamaica will hopefully pause long enough to celebrate the pain of struggle, the inner fire of justice and the exhilaration of liberation which the freedom fighters experienced.  National heroes day invites us to reflect on the stain of human evil and the ways in which an essential part of what […]

Christ and Culture

During the week of October 12th one of my colleague pastors, Jasyon Downer  posed this question “Should Christianity be culturally relevant?” on his facebook wall.  It sparked some interest among the group of persons who usually interact around theological and socio-political issues on social media.  Below are a few samples of the responses.  Quite fortuitously this […]