How To Get Paid To Write Poems

Hey there! Have you ever wondered how to get paid to write poems?  If you love poetry writing then you are seconds away from discovering just how to get paid to write poems.  Poetry is a loved around the world and so there are publishers that love to get their hands on the lovely poems out there.  Please continue reading to learn how to get paid to write poems.

Blue Mountain Arts is a greeting cards’ market. Editors look for “contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings people today want to communicate to one another, but don’t always know how to put into words.”

Payment is $300 per poem (for the worldwide, exclusive rights to publish submitted prose and poetry on a greeting card and other products) and $50 per poem for one-time use in a book. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines

Now that you know where you can sell your poetry it’s time to dust off those special ones that you have been saving aside.  I am sure you would agree with me that such information deserves to be shared far and wide, so please share the blog post on your social media platforms by simply clicking the respective icon below the blog entry.   Also be sure to check out previous blog posts that teach you how to earn some extra income online and make sure to subscribe to the blog so you never miss any posts.  Cheers

Get Paid To Write About College

As we continue to bring you multiple ways to earn a second income here is an exciting offer, get paid to write about college.

Back to College publishes information for adult re-entry students who are pursuing an advanced degree. They accept unsolicited articles that discuss all aspects of the re-entry experience, from finding financial aid to mastering online education. They pay $55 and up for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

How To Earn Ripple Coin

In this post we examine how to earn ripple coin. Those who have been following the developments with cryptocurrencies closely will know that one of the coins to watch closely is Ripple, symbol XRP.   Ripple (XRP) is working to become the #1 Go-To Payment solution for the financial industry. And while it has the 3rd largest Market Cap of any Cryptocurrency it can be purchased right now for less than $1. Try to do that with bitcoin!

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Try to do that with Bitcoin! It’s the Cryptocurrency for Everyone.

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The Online Economy

The online economy is the economy of the future.  It has been rightly said that the future of work is online.  More and more college and university grads are recognizing that they need to know, and embrace the online economy.

*Money has Since left the Offices….Money is now in the Streets in Network Marketing*

Robert Kiyosaki says: “if someone invites you to join a Network Marketing business, join the business even if you don’t know what it is all about. But be patient and learn the process gradually and relentlessly. Remain there even if it takes you five years to be successful in it because when the benefits begin to flow, you will NEVER be the same person ever again.”  This is a fundamental principle of the online economy.

*People don’t have the patience to build a business for 3 years. But they have the patience to go to work for 40 years.*  Except one settles this in their minds they will hardly be able to benefit from the online economy.

It’s crazy how some people feel that 2-5 years in a business is a long time to get rich. However don’t feel that 40 years at a job is a long time to stay broke.’ Change your mindset!

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Online Income Assistance

Are you in need of some online income assistance? The good news today is that you do not need to struggle with online income.

Even though ClickBank is the most successful affiliate marketing platform on the Internet…

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It’s truly unfortunate (and you’re about to discover how totally unnecessary) once enthusiastic affiliate marketers end up hanging it up and quitting.  We’re talking about solving the online income blues, by providing a clear path to follow, real online income assistance.

What’s the worst that happens?

They end up giving up on their dreams.

–>  Dreams of working at home.

–> Dreams of being financially free.

–>  Dreams of having more control of their time.

All because the affiliate marketing income and lifestyle failed to materialize…

* Hours upon hours chained to computers…

* No income to show for their efforts…

* Having to constantly stay up-to-date with the newest traffic strategies, apps and platforms…

It can be emotionally draining. But it DOESN’T have to be…

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Teddy Jones

The Fast That God Loves

This year Ash Wednesday was observed on February 14, 2018.   This, of course, coincided with Valentine’s Day.  Anyone who is remotely familiar with the two commemorations would be immediately struck by the paradox.   Ash Wednesday begins the Christian annual 40 days of Lent which is marked by fasting and self denial, while on Valentine’s day erotic love is celebrated and persons look forward to having their fill of fleshly titivation. In this sermonette I raise some considerations on how the two polarized observances can be juxtaposed and ultimately the kind of fast that God requires and God responds to, according to Isaiah 58.

You can listen and or download the sermonette below


Voice Recorder >>

Quality Web Hosting

If you are looking for quality web hosting at a budget price the look no further. Maxbounty has made it possible to get cheap web hosting without compromising quality. This offer is valid from any country so for those seeking website hosting in Jamaica you have found the solution.

The hosting package you’ll receive includes the following premium features.

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Ding ding here comes Powtoken. This ICO is designed around users of facebook and twitter.  For a limited time you can receive 35000 powtokens.  Now imagine when this coin gets to $1.. you would have $35,000.00 right there.  You also get the chance to gain an additional 35000 tokens for each person you share  this with who signs up as well.  Powtoken is set to go very far and high in value.

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Reasons Why We Need To Make Money


Reasons why we need to make money.

There is actually no need to ask why people make money. For one thing, they need it to survive. This is no longer a world when all they need to have is hunting skills and they won’t starve.

Those who say that in this lifetime we just need to enrich our spiritual lives are deluding themselves and the people they are preaching these too. Before we can actually have a use of our spiritual lives, we need to first be alive. You can’t be alive without eating food or having a shelter on a cold winter night. To do this, you need money.

Do we really need to make money? In this capitalist world, people need money to be able to eat, to have a house to live in and ride the bus to go to work. In other words, money is the be all and end all of our whole existence. Without it, we cannot live because all our needs are bought with money.

But there are a lot of other reasons why people need to make money and it’s not just because they want to survive. If that is the case, then people will just be contented to earn enough money so they can eat and have a comfortable life. Instead, people amass money as much as they can. Here are the reasons why people try so desperately to make money.

1. Status Symbol

Some people do not just see money as something that could buy them things. Having a lot of money is also a status symbol. People admire you when you are rich. The things that you can buy with the money that you make all the more enhance that status symbol. Also, people often equate being rich with being intelligent and having a charmed life.

2. Power

There are only three ways that people can be powerful. The first one is to have power, literally, as in superhuman powers but this is impossible so that leaves us with the other two ways: being a politician and being rich. If you do not have the stomach to be a part of the government or the courage to run for public office and therefore engage with the politics of politics, then the only way for you be powerful is to have money, lots of it.

3. Indirect Compulsion

Some people actually do not earn money because they want to, they get their incomes as an indirect result of doing what they love to do. For instance, artists do not really care about the money. They just want to express what they are feeling and show the world their perspective. Still, when people buy their artworks, they earn money. Some CEOs do not actually work to earn money; they earn money because they work and they love what they are doing. For these people, there is a compulsion to do, to accomplish things and earning money is just a by-product of those accomplishments.

Now with all of that said here’s your first step to really making money online

Get Free Altcoins

Welcome to this another exciting and empowering blog post from the blog that is all about helping you to make money online.  This post will help you get free altcoins.  You will learn what altcoins are and then you will be able to start receiving free altcoins.  Altcoins is a generic term used to refer to alternative coins to bitcoin.  Bitcoin was the first crypto currency to be created and since then several others have been launched.


Learn more: What are Alt-coins?

Currently there are dozens, possibly hundreds of altcoins

Altcoins are real cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin. Many of them differ in some way or form from the Bitcoin and are interesting in their own right however some of them are plain copies. Listed on this page are their basic characteristics.

List of SHA256 based Alt-coins

There are many SHA256 based altcoins. The following list is not exhaustive and only serves to give an impression about other coins available. Some of these coins can also be collected through QoinPro.

Abbreviation Name Algorithm Total Coins Retarget Reward
NMC Namecoin SHA256 21,000,000 2,016 50 NMC / Block
PPC Peercoin SHA256 No Limit 1 103.10 PPC / Block
DVC Devcoin SHA256 No Limit 2,016 5000 DVC / Block
TRC Terracoin SHA256 42.000.000 540 Blocks 20 TRC / Block

List of Scrypt based Alt-coins

There are many Scrypt based altcoins. The following list is not exhaustive and only serves to give an impression about other coins available. Some of these coins can also be collected through QoinPro.

Abbreviation Name Algorithm Total Coins Retarget Reward
LTC Litecoin Scrypt 82,000,000 2,016 50 LTC / Block
DOGE Dogecoin Scrypt 100,000,000,000 240 250,000 DOGE / Block
WDC Worldcoin Scrypt 265,420,800 120 50.79 WDC / Block
FTC Feathercoin Scrypt 336,000,000 504 200 FTC / Block


Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

Claim Free Dogecoins

Then there is Ether. ETH is the second in line after bitcoin in terms of current exchange rate.  I have also come across a program that will give you a bonus of 0.2 ETH for registering a passive investment using ETH.  Here are some of the details:

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List of Hybrid/Other Alt-coins

There are many altcoins not based on SHA256 or Scrypt. The following list is not exhaustive and only serves to give an impression about other coins available. Some of these coins can also be collected through QoinPro.

Abbreviation Name Algorithm Total Coins Retarget Reward
XPM Primecoin Other
QRK Quarkcoin Ohter 20 2 QRK / Block
NXT Nextcoin Ohter


Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

Claim Free Dogecoins

Then there is Ether. ETH is the second in line after bitcoin in terms of current exchange rate.  I have also come across a program that will give you a bonus of 0.2 ETH for registering a passive investment using ETH.  Here are some of the details:

Grand Opening Special Offer!
FREE 0.2 ETH = 42USD
1 ETH = 212 USD
FREE 0.001 ETH everyday automining free!


Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a zero trust consensus network with many advantages.  This opens the discussion here on the advantages of bitcoin.

should you invest in bitcoin

Payment Freedom – Instant transactions

With Bitcoin it is possible to send and receive any amount of money instantly anywhere in the world at any time. No bank holidays. No borders. No imposed limits. Bitcoin allows its users to be in full control of their money.

Very low transaction fees

Bitcoin payments are currently processed with either no fees or extremely small fees. Users may include fees with transactions to receive priority processing, which results in faster confirmation of transactions by the network. Additionally, merchant processors exist to assist merchants in processing transactions, converting bitcoins to fiat currency and depositing funds directly into merchants’ bank accounts daily. As these services are based on Bitcoin, they can be offered for much lower fees than with PayPal or credit card networks.

Fewer risks for merchants

Bitcoin transactions are secure, irreversible, and do not contain customers’ sensitive or personal information. This protects merchants from losses caused by fraud or fraudulent chargebacks, and there is no need for PCI compliance. Merchants can easily expand to new markets where either credit cards are not available or fraud rates are unacceptably high. The net results are lower fees, larger markets, and fewer administrative costs.

Security and Control

Bitcoin users are in full control of their transactions; it is impossible for merchants to force unwanted or unnoticed charges as can happen with other payment methods. Bitcoin payments can be made without personal information tied to the transaction. This offers strong protection against identity theft. Bitcoin users can also protect their money with backup and encryption.

Transparent and Neutral

All information concerning the Bitcoin money supply itself is readily available on the block chain for anybody to verify and use in real-time. No individual or organization can control or manipulate the Bitcoin protocol because it is cryptographically secure. This allows the core of Bitcoin to be trusted for being completely neutral, transparent and predictable.

With that said if you’d like to test the waters here is a simple guide to get started with earning some free bitcoin multiple times per day.

If you want to get started with Bitcoin at no cost to you follow these steps:
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Questions and Customer Support

A Life Changing Message

On Sunday July 2, 2017 we had a tremendous time of worship at Grace Missionary Church. At both services there were powerfully delivered sermons that have the potential to be dramatically life changing if they are implemented. Allow me to share them with you.

Please find links to download for your listening empowerment the two messages from last Sunday

7:00 am- Rev. Dr. Garnett Roper 

10.30 am. Rev. Teddy Jones 

Pastor Teddy



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Social Security For Cancer Patients

Is there provision in social security from cancer patients?  This article will highlight one particular provision.                                    In 2017, more than a million people will be diagnosed with cancer around the
world. This alarming statistic affects people and families everywhere. Chances
are, you know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease.
On June 4, we observe National Cancer Survivors Day in the United States. In
support of this day, Social Security encourages getting checkups to provide early
detection, raise awareness through education, and recognize the survivors who
have gone through this battle or are still living with the disease.

Social Security stands strong in our support of the fight against cancer.                                                                                                        The Federal system is actually quite excited to let persons know about the social security for cancer patients.                             “We offer services to patients dealing with this disease through our disability insurance
program and our Compassionate Allowances program. Compassionate
Allowances are cases with medical conditions so severe they obviously meet
Social Security’s disability standards, allowing us to process the cases quickly
with minimal medical information. Many cancers are part of our Compassionate
Allowances list.”

There’s no special application or form you need to submit for Compassionate
Allowances. Simply apply for disability benefits online, in-person or over the
phone. Once we identify you as having a Compassionate Allowances condition,
we’ll expedite your disability application.
Social Security establishes Compassionate Allowances conditions using
information received at public outreach hearings, from our employees, who
review millions of disability cases each year, from medical and scientific experts,
and from data based on our research. For more information about
Compassionate Allowances, including the list of eligible conditions, visit This Site

The information for this post originally appeared as EVERYTHING SOCIAL SECURITY: Compassionate
Allowances supports those battling cancer
6/11/2017 EVERYTHING SOCIAL SECURITY: Compassionate Allowances supports those battling cancer ­ News ­ Hanover Mariner ­ Hanover, MA­social­security­compassionate­allowances­supports­those­battling­cancer 2/5
You may also check this Federal Disability Program.


Parents are you concerned about your children’s safety online?  Do you desire to protect your children online?

Isn’t it time you take this seriously? Listen: 82% of kids are exposed to inappropriate material online before age 11. Protect Your Family Now with Award-Winning Parental Control Technology!

Net Nanny is an innovative company focused on delivering Internet protection solutions for the consumer, library, education, government, and business markets. We provide top-rated, Internet Protection tools specifically designed for the non-technical user.

Net Nanny was one of the first participants in Internet protection. It offers the first and the most effective solution for small to medium organizations.

* Net Nanny pioneered and has been advancing the company’s core dynamic filtering technology since 2001.
* Net Nanny is easy to use by even non-technical business owners and home users.
* Net Nanny is the practical and cost effective solution that makes it the only truly viable choice for small organizations.
* Net Nanny is at the forefront of Internet protection tool suites, and intends to lead out as a primary resource for necessary new features as new threats occur.
* Ultimately, the company’s vision is to protect all forms of electronic media from unwanted content, including cell phones, handheld devices, game stations, all types of personal computers, and even tv’s.

Since October 2001, thousands of customers in many countries, have turned to Net Nanny for solutions to protect against unwanted Internet content and control Internet activity and usage. Designed specifically for non-technical users, Net Nanny products deliver a method to control unwanted Internet content, based on unique user profiles.


INTERNET FILTER: Be in control of your internet. Set filtering for 18 categories of online content to either block, warn, or allow for view.
BLOCK PORNOGRAPHY: Warn or block access to pornography and other adult content.
TIME MANAGEMENT: Set the total number of Internet hours in a day or set specific times of the day when your child can be online.
MASK PROFANITY: View a web page without being bombarded by vulgar language.
SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: Net Nanny Social helps protect kids from online threats and monitors activities related to your child’s “friends,” cyberbullying, sexual predators, privacy concerns, and reputation-damaging pictures or videos.
ALERTS AND REPORTING: Receive reports and mail alerts about your child’s online activity.
REMOTE ADMIN: Check usage reports, change your child’s profile settings, and much more, from any computer with an Internet connection.
USER PROFILES: Use preset user profiles or customize settings for each family member; unlimited user profiles for each computer.

Net Nanny for Android® & Net Nanny for iOS® available exclusively with the Net Nanny Family Pass.