Teddy A Jones

5 Reasons You Need A Personalized Domain Name

1.People Are More Likely To Click On Your Link in the event that It Is Your Own Domain Name Rather Than a Long Cumbersome Affiliate Link. When you take a gander at the model above it nearly resembles an infection or something to that affect. Numerous individuals won’t tap on the connection since it looks […]

Free Business Loans

Free Business Loans and Credit Repair *THIS IS A MUST SEE*You can now receive No Money Down Funding up to $250k + No Money Down Credit Repair (if needed)!!!I was recently introduced to an INCREDIBLE Resource where you can get business or personal funding for ANY business or opportunity that you’re in.Brick & mortar businesses can also […]

Get Back On Track Financially

I Just wanted to put this quick bug in your ear! I am noticing that a lot of people talk a very good game!They claim they need money desperately so they can get outof their slump or crisis they have going but yet they are notdoing the simple things that will make them a lot […]

The State of The Church- Episode 6

Predatory Shepherds This series on the State of The Church address tracks a Biblical survey of Pastoral concerns for the community of faith. Ezekiel was also used by YHWH to highlight the state of the faith community. His oracle at chapter 34 will provide our text for today and next week Lord willing. Hear the […]