This is the Mega Launch 2014 <!!> Mega Launch 2014 <!!> Mega Launch 2014.  In an age of economic difficulty we have to explore business start ups that are low cost and low stress.  Introducing the Digisoft Program.   Ron Walsh led a successful program of a similar nature for  5 years and has made this one even better than the previous one.


Definitely one of the BEST business model and pay plan that I’ve seen in the last 15 years! Someone would have to be brain dead to pass on this opportunity!  It has everything laid out carefully and in a detailed manner so that the newbie or the expert can know how to profit from reselling digital products

Take the FR-EE 15 Day DigiSoft Challenge to see for yourself!  This model teaches anyone how to profit form reselling digital products online.  This is a done for you, “TurnKey” system. The hassle of setting up a website, hosting and uploading content has been done for you.


THIS is from a proven Admin, Ron Walsh, who made huge money in millions and paid out over millions to his member from his famed Ez Wealth Solution etc.

This is a hot program, and will be promoted heavily. If his success is like his earlier program, this one will be more!

Earn Unlimited $15 and $35!!

Program : DigiSoft Paylines
Program Type : Member to Member payment with 1 Up and 2 Up compensation plan with good products!
Program Link 

Comment : Suggest you take the tour to discover more and why this will be the program you will find it easy to build and promote and make money with. Get in now. Just officially launched at EST 11.30PM 15October 2014

More info on DigisoftPaylines

We sell Digital & Software Products through a Member 2 Member 1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan.

Package #1 (76 Digital & Software Products) – One-time $15 – Commissions paid instantly through a 1 UP Infinity Pay Plan

Package #2 (160 Digital & Software Products) – One-time $35 – Commissions paid instantly through a 2 UP Infinity Pay Plan

Quick Start Bonus Package (60 Digital & Software Products) FREE to anyone who upgrades within 24 hours of register for the Tour.

Take the FREE 15 Day DigiSoft Challenge and earn unlimited $15 commissions at Package Level #1. To keep earning those $15 commission after your FREE 15 Day Challenger upgrades expires, simply upgrade to a DigiSoft Payliner for $10/month.
DigiSoft Payliners can also participate in the 2 UP Infinity Pay Plan!

How It Works Movie closes your sales, and you keep 100% of the money from all Personal and Infinity Team Sales. Your
money is sent directly to you by the purchaser using Pay Pal, Payza, or SolidTrust Pay. So the company never touches your money!

A program like this only comes along every 5-10 years but when it does, you owe it to yourself to get on board!

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Have a great day!

To Our Mutual Success!

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