Should You Invest in Bitcoin

Should you invest in Bitcoin? Is it a good investment?

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin? Investing in Bitcoin is risky, but that’s old news. We have gathered a lot of information about Bitcoin as a possible investment form.

Technically, Bitcoin is the most innovative and revolutionary invention since the introduction of the Internet. These are the main revolutions about how money works and what money is: a free uncensored communication tool and unit of account value within a debt-free p2p financial system that works autonomously without third parties. Free money in your ownership that can not be manipulated. It works as digital cash without the intervention of banks or other third parties. In fact, there are no slave-master relationships in relation to money and other power relationships, in fact, communicates and represents fiat money. Everybody is right, everybody is master and master of his own Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a system that works on the basis of decentralization , disintermediation, freedom, consensus and the elimination of all unnecessary costs and third parties. In addition, Bitcoin has a built-in scissors with a maximum limit of 21 million bitcoins. They can not be printed. Thanks to innovative fintech companies such as CryptoPay , SpectroCoin , Uphold and the Dutch company BTCdirect , it is now possible to use Bitcoin as a free means of transport for all possible investments in foreign currency and precious metals. In addition, Bitcoin is more than a crypto currency, it is programmable money for programming additional added value within the expanding free global peer-to-peer BITIN network and economy.

In fact, there are no limits to how bitcoin technology can be deployed to reform our current financial world and the big business, corporate economy. Do not even think about Bitcoin’s price fluctuations, but the revolutionary power and capabilities that come from a technological point of view.

The future will be formed by Bitcoin together with Litecoin and other crypto-equity networks ( Ethereum , Ripple , NXT , Bitshares, etc.). Banks will have to adjust. For a good course about the Bitcoin economy, I can recommend the following course for beginners: The Secrets of the Bitcoin Triangle! The next course of Diginomics, Bitcoin Economics , is advanced. These courses can be complimented with a Cryptocurrency trading course in case you want to earn good money in the short term with Bitcoin price volatility and other crypto coins. It is likely that a Bitcoin ETF will be released on the stock exchange in 2017. This will greatly simplify investing in Bitcoin for many institutional investors. For more information: Bitcoin Trading Guide & The Cryptocurrency Trading Guide!

Welcome to this long introduction to the new revolution and upcoming paradigm shift. In light of our current global financial context, this will provide many perspectives on the question: Why should I invest in Bitcoin? Let’s keep on thinking about it again:

What are the facts about investing in Bitcoin and making the bitcoins deal so interesting:

  • Major investors and investment banks are now investing large amounts in all kinds of fintech and bitcoin projects. A well-known investor in Bitcoin companies is Marc Andreessen’s venture capital company, Andreessen Horowitz. Marc has helped build companies like Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, AirBNB and most recently Oculus VR (known from the Rift Free Glasses ). He sees enormous potential in Bitcoin and has already invested more than $ 50 million in Bitcoin-related startups. Steam, the game developer known for the new SteamVR platform for HTC Vive , will now also accept bitcoins. The trend is simple, more and more companies accept bitcoins as a means of payment, more and more fintech companies use Bitcoin’s Blockchain as the backbone of their operations.
  • Nowadays, there are also more and more banks that invest in Bitcoin related projects. For example, the Deutsche Bank and UBS have worked on their own internal cryptocurrency, the Utility Settlement Coin . Goldman Sachs is working on the SETLcoin . There are also more and more bankers who switch from traditional banks and financial institutions to fintech and Bitcoin 2.0 companies that invest in the development of new fintech services . Here is a   Concrete example : the infamous Blythe Masters , a top executive at JP Morgen, has switched to Digital Assets Holding LLC . According to Masters, because Bitcoin technology will restore confidence in the financial markets … what does she know what we do not know as citizens again? Will confidence soon be gone as in the 2008 latest crisis crisis? 2016 has clearly been the year in which Bitcoin has been used in China in particular for capital flight , so as to effectively avoid monetary devaluation. The fiat currency wars and open-ended money presses lead to cash devaluation and undermine trust in their own currency. Bitcoin is a flight route and can also serve as a bridge for safer currencies such as the US Dollar and gold . You can manage these through the Spectrocoin bitcoin fair in one wallet!
  • A possible currency and trade war between China and the US is on the cards. Devaluations are likely to occur. Due to the emergence of fintech services, people around the world can buy much easier and cheaper Bitcoins, but also American Dollars. This can easily be done through a Bitcoin fair with an app on a smart phone! The trend has been deployed, more and more people across the world are switching to Bitcoin when the US Dollar will devaluate. In 2017, with the upcoming elections in France and Germany, confidence in the Euro and the European Union is likely to be further eradicated. Will more and more Europeans wake up and also use Bitcoin to discover new financial opportunities for converting cheaper euros into foreign currencies, precious metals or just Bitcoin as a safe haven ? Despite the Bitcoin bokkes leaps, the Euro has become much cheaper over the past two years. Beginning 2015, you could buy another Bitcoin by 200 euros, by the end of 2016 you should already count more than 800 euros! A price correction can certainly happen, but there is a clear trend. Bitcoin is a way of avoiding cash depreciation and investing alternatively in not only Bitcoin, but also other currencies, precious metals and crypto-equity. This will further improve Bitcoin’s market capitalization.
  • Bitcoin’s market capitalization is also developing well and the prospects in 2017 are very positive. More and more people will use Bitcoin as a means of transaction through the smartphone. The Bitcoin Investment Instruments and Funds on the stock exchange will further greatly increase market capitalization. Investing in bitcoins is also very interesting from this perspective.
  • The demand for bitcoins is increasing. You can clearly see this in the overview above. The number of bitcoin transactions, wallets and volumes increases significantly. In addition, relative volatility decreases and more and more people use bitcoin wallets .
  • Bitcoins are now also a legal tender in Japan. The Bitcoin market in Japan will grow rapidly and within a short period more than 270,000 companies will accept Bitoin as a payment tool in addition to the Yen.
  • Another important factor is the development of financial instruments for investing in Bitcon. Indeed, forces in Wall Street are working on the launch of Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Options . These will probably be approved by the end of 2017. This will enable large institutional investors to add Bitcoin into their portfolios. US Dollars from Wall Street will push the Bitcoin course with great zigzag movements and further strengthen Bitcoin’s market capitalization. This will certainly happen if the US Dollar is over its peak and will be less valuable in the long term. Trump wants to industrialize America again, and in the end, he has no expensive dollar. Bitcoin options and ETFs will bridge the world of stock exchanges and institutional investors and the Bitcoin ecosystem. ETFs and Options are clearly regulated forms of investment. US capital can now easily invest in Bitcoin. A strong Dollar is not good for export and factory recovery to the US A Bitcoin ETF is in the interests of Trump’s export policy as it will provide a regulated valve to escape some American-American balloon air. This will of course affect the Bitcoin rate !
  • By the way, this is my personal opinion (and this is not a professional investment portfolio) about Bitcoin as a potentially good investment in 2017. For more information:
  • Where and how can I buy Bitcoins?

Further considerations – Investing in Bitcoin in the light of the rise of fintech, banks and monetary devaluation.

Generally, banks are thinking about what Bitcoin can do for their profits. It is therefore not strange that Bitcoin is primarily being demoted to make investors and ordinary citizens afraid of using this technology to realize their own freedom in terms of privacy and finance. The mind is out of the bottle, the banks will not get it in the bottle again. They are therefore also working hard on their own internal Bitcoin-like projects. Bitcoin is autonomous and no longer to stop. Bitcoin may well work as a black hole for fiat money issued by banks in a scenario of hyperinflation. This scenario is one of the possibilities in the near future when the central banks lose control over the ongoing monetary expansion programs. An enormous monetary devaluation will take place, with everyone trying to move in alternative investments outside the financial system: gold , silver and bitcoin . Central banks will be forced to reform and anchor the financial system into a new gold standard. This will probably be achieved through the SDRs of the IMF.

In general, Bitcoin is a thorn in the eyes of banks. It costs money to maintain a bank account and there are all kinds of costs to use your money. In addition, the banks do not give interest anymore. The maintenance of a bank account is not at present without risks and a cost item. The banks, in fact, force our money to invest in options , CFDs , binary options and other derivatives. Banksparen is no longer attractive to us. While they themselves keep all the money they get for almost noppes themselves. Loans are almost no longer provided to the small citizen. Our fiat money cuts our purchasing power and our Western banking based on fractional banking is responsible for the misery. Ultimately, they are responsible for the European crisis and the crash of the USD as the world reserve currency and all other manipulations in the area of ​​LIBOR, gold and the FOREX market. Only this trend represents huge risks and makes investing in bitcoin attractive. More and more people are awake about what our banking industry actually represents. This will also encourage more and more people to use cryptocurrency.

Investing in Bitcoin can be done from the point of view that will continue to develop as a better and cheaper payroll network for the citizens. Bitcoin can develop as the first global open payment network. In this regard, Bitcoin will compete with Skrill , PayPal and Mastercard. Although it appears that these companies will integrate Bitcoin into their own payment networks. These are payment networks owned by a specific company that determines all rules and costs. This is not the case with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a business, no one is the owner of Bitcoin. It is not regulated or restricted by anyone. Her inherent limitations and possibilities are mathematical only. Bitcoin, as a free platform, is a potential fertile ground for new technological innovations. In this respect, it is possible to draw a parallel with the Internet. The internet was initially toys for computer nerds. Everyone thought that centralized online service providers like AOL and Compuserve would best serve the citizens. Certainly she provided an excellent service, but on the free internet, everyone was free to innovate. Computer nerds soon developed all kinds of protocols, the World Wide Web, Search Engines like Google, Youtube ect. Many Bitcoin optimists believe that innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem offers the ability to perfect Bitcoin-based payment systems that will outline the traditional payment systems. Investing in Bitcoin is very interesting from this point of view.

Why could Bitcoin provide better services?

Cryptocurrency bitcoin speculation Look at international money transfer systems like Moneygram and Western Union. These are terribly expensive and slow service providers. Bitcoin entrepreneurs could better assist these customers to use Bitcoin to immediately transfer the money and convert it back to the local currency. Bitcoin is thus used to send the money from a particular currency in a country to another currency of another country at a fast and cheap rate. There is a lot of money to save for the citizens, while offering great opportunities for Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Here a lot of things can happen in the short term.

A daring step would be to compete with full Bitcoin credit / debit card payment system. This will take some more time and especially more companies that accept Bitcoins as a means of payment. Bitcoin needs to be made more attractive so that everyone can easily use Bitcoin as a means of payment. This is just work in process and will surely bring fruit in the long run, especially when youngsters and retailers Bitcoin will embrace more and more. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Debit cards are already available, which work through the Mastercard network, allowing Bitcoin owners to instantly spend their Bitcoins in stores that do not accept Bitcoin. This is a special new development: Bitcoin Debit Cards .

Bitcoin is much more than just an alternative, cheaper and decentralized payment network. Bitcoin is based on powerful new technological innovation, the blockchain. Blockchain allows trustless transactions between trading parties. The required trusted intermediary who monitors transactions, but also makes it expensive and slow, can in many cases be lost. The blockchain can thus be used to make so-called smart contracts. These smart contracts can be written and programmed in the blockchain using a user-friendly program. These are currently being developed by Veritaseum in the form of UltraCoin and Ethereum to develop the shape of EtherScript. For example, this allows you to write a testament yourself and run it automatically without the intervention of third / trusted parties. The testament with, for example, the money in the form of Bitcoin and your physical property has been incorporated into the contract and automatically checks the death register automatically. When you die and appear in the registry, the contract will be executed automatically. No one has to keep a will, no notary will be adjusting to carry out the will according to your wishes.

Invest in Bitcoin, the blockchain Well, this is only a possible application of smart contracts. You can set them up for each transaction and trade agreement. Bitcoins are programmable smart money and can be linked to smart devices and objects. In this sense, Bitcoin will play an important role in the development of the Internet of Things – the Internet of Things (IoT) . This is being overlooked at this moment. Most people starve blindly at Bitcoins as a currency and the fact that this digital cash money is stolen and may fluctuate in price (expressed in euros). The long-term perspective for Bitcoin as a technological invention with all sorts of new applications as well as smart money within a world of smart objects is extremely unlimited. A technological paradigm shift in the field of money and the operation of money will ultimately take place in the future.

Back to the world of traditional dinosaur banks. UltraCoin has the ambition to make investment banks unnecessary. Everyone can become an investment bank and can act directly in shares, options, CFDs and binary options without the intervention of an expensive brokerage company. You can see that the applications in this area are enormous and can completely change our stock market trading. For more information: Bitcoin Economics course.

Investing in Bitcoin – it has solid underlying infrastructure!

What often loses sight of investors is that Bitcoin is being maintained on the basis of a huge network of delvers (miners). There are over 300,000 delvers active that maintain the network. These dolphins have invested heavily in a supporting infrastructure and hardware.
To give you an idea of ​​the power and resources, you’ll find the following: If Google would make all its hardware and servers available to dig Bitcoins, that would represent no more than 1% share of the network. The internet giant Google will never be able to maintain the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin stands on solid, huge hardware fundamentals! It is not a baked digital air.

Investing in Bitcoin – Risks:

A problem with Bitcoin is that the price fluctuates quite a bit. Investing in Bitcoin is risky, but that is, of course, a normal aspect of investment, especially when many investors use price-speculation in the short term. This does not make Bitcoin suitable as a currency, but as a money transfer system. In this short term, the most advantage will be achieved and will also push Bitcoin’s price further up. It can shake the entire FOREX market on the foundations. Do you want to speculate with Bitcoin and make a lot of money on small price changes?

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