Teddy A. Jones

Husband, Father, Author, Life Coach, Theologian, Entrepreneur

Meet Teddy A. Jones, Author of "I Love Me: 30 Days To Greater Self Love'', Let's Major In The Minors and other books, Counsellor, Certified Life Coach, Marriage Officer, Public Theologian and Investment Consultant.

Rev. Teddy Asiel Jones has been in pastoral ministry since 2003, inclusive of his tenure as Chairman of the Missionary Church Association.

Rev. Jones is affectionately called, “The Ghetto Priest” due to his involvement in the Inner City and his commitment to the cause of justice for the oppressed. It therefore is no surprise that matters of injustice and oppression occupy a major place in his second published work, Let’s Major In The Minors, launched in December 2018. The book was released shortly after  “A Caribbean Theology of The Environment” which was published in the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology (CJET). 

In 2009, he was one of the three (3) winners in the First Caribbean Bank’s Unsung Heroes competition, in recognition of the years of selfless service to the Greater Grants Pen community where Shalom Missionary was located.


Rev. Jones is also an educator at the tertiary level, having served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. Other roles previously held at the Seminary include Director of Student Affairs, Director of Admissions and Recruitment and Deputy Director of Student Affairs.

Teddy is heavily involved in mentoring and leadership training in various sectors of society. This is facilitated primarily through RENEWED Ministries, a youth-based ministry with a strong mentoring and leadership emphasis. In a similar fashion, he is the Board Chairman of PATHH Ministries (Pastors According To His Heart).

Rev. Jones’s educational background is diverse having been educated at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston Jamaica, Dallas Theological Seminary in the USA and ALICT (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation) in South Africa. As a life-long learner, he is currently reading for the Master of Arts in Public Theology degree at Jamaica Theological Seminary. Along the way, he has completed various certifications including Leadership and Community Development, Dispute Resolution, Youth Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching, Guidance and Counselling, Career Counselling, Restorative Justice and life coaching. His most recent certifications completed were obtained from The University of London, Kallada Academy, Google and The Priority Academy. This depth of training leads to high accolades for his preaching and teaching ministry. Participants in the Bible Studies led by Teddy have consistently expressed their opinion that he is a gifted teacher. One such is quoted as saying to him, “you have the gift of taking the obscure and making it plain.” Here are some other endorsements that have been made public:

Teddy's birthplace is Trinidad. However, he is Grenadian by naturalization and Jamaican by ministry and calling, having been living here since 1998. Together with his wife Latoya, he is actively empowering young and old alike with his vibrant, innovative and radical approach to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and motivational speeches. Their union has produced one son, Zaken’Asiel [Pronounced ZA-KEN’ AS-EE-EL] and one daughter, Zanelle'Neqevah [Pronounced ZA-NELLE-EH' NEK-AY-VAH]. It is his desire to serve God in his generation and empower the next generation to do the same, so the generations yet unborn will be all that they can and should be. 

Rev. Jones is also an avid blogger, social media commentator and entrepreneur.  Business and ministry are summed up in his brand’s motto BDWVNI “Building Dreams Watering Vision Nurturing Ideas. This is the foundation of AVID COACHING SERVICES, his Life Transformational Coaching practice. In keeping with his desire to use every means possible to make spread the knowledge of God and help persons be all they can and should be, he hosts a Podcast. You can listen and subscribe to it by clicking HERE and co-hosts another podcast, This Is Us, with his wife Latoya. You can listen and subscribe to it HERE




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