April 2, 2020

Affordable Mobile Apps For Business

affordable mobile apps for business

With our affordable mobile apps for business it is now possible for you to have own your Own Your personal Customizable Smartphone App for only $14.95/mo. Finally get your own customizable mobile device app! We make it possible.

If you haven’t accepted the fact, you soon will, because, the smartphone revolution has already caused your conventional website to be obsolete. What do we mean by that? The latest stats show that apps are now being used over 60% of the time to access the net for info and to communicate. People are, for the first time in the history of electronic entertainment, spending more time on apps than even watching TV!

Messages sent via SMS (text messaging) or as push notifications (you know, those little messages that appear on your home screen when your device is sleeping and pop up as you are using apps…) are read over 90% of the time and within 5 minutes of being received, as compared to emails being open/read less than 3% of the time.

Finally get your own customizable smartphone app! We make it possible...
Finally get your own customizable smartphone app! Only $14.95/mo!

All the major and many of the smaller companies and organizations in the world now have their own apps… How long will it take you to jump on board? We know why you have been hesitating… it’s because it’s so DANG expensive to get your own app, right? Well, we have good news for you!!

You now have the ability to have your own customizable 6 page app that can send out unlimited SMS and/or push notifications to your subscribers (anyone who downloads your app) in the USA and Canada for only $14.95/mo!

As a demonstration of how this app downloads and looks and operates on your own smartphone or device, follow the chart, below. Play around with it for a bit, then, delete it or save it for later use:


affordabel mobile apps for business

      affordable mobile apps for business

Whether you are a business or a marketing professional, ICANget2 – the company behind our customizable smartphone app with unlimited SMS and/or push notification messaging – not only offers you an amazing and effective way to communicate, it also offers you an amazing income generating opportunity! If you want to earn money online or face-to-face with those who would want to take advantage if the great communication device known as the smartphone and our very inexpensive app – this list would include tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations – then you can refer this app to 2 others and convince them to refer 2 and convince them to refer 2 up to 14 levels deep, and, if you can do this successfully, you WILL earn $36,000 per month!!

CAN YOU DO THIS? Yes, you can. We won’t lie and tell you it’ not possible, because it is, and we won’t lie and tell you it’s easy, because it isn’t, but, you CAN. And, even if you don’t refer 2 and they refer 2 to 14 levels deep, you will still make money, because, this program operates on a 2×14 forced matrix, meaning that eventually your matrix will be filled automatically from the rest of the people in your matrix.

Earn up to $36,000 per month!
2×14 forced matrix ensures you will earn freedomfgreat money

To learn more info on how you can fill this amazing matrix and earn yourself that $36k per month, click here. You may also friend me, Teddy A Jones, on FB, here, so you can contact me or if you prefer send an email.   Thanks.