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His exceptional academic profile at the time was not enough to cause young Teddy Jones to feel complete.

And though he knew that he wasn’t quite whole, the reason for this, was to him, quite impalpable.

Describing his excellence as mediocre despite copping straight As throughout primary, high school, and his early terms at university, Jones said that it took the help of his mentor for him to realise what he had been trying to figure out all his years.

He shared: “When it comes to fathers, what is not said can be as damaging as what is said. In my case, the missing element of the words ‘you are good enough, you have what it takes, you are worthy’ produced a lack of self-love that translated to self-limiting beliefs that produced less than optimum capability. My mentor allowed me to understand a father’s love.”

This assurance, according to Jones, unleashed his true self.

The now pastor, life coach, and author told Family and Religion: “We each have these self-limiting beliefs, all leading to one dilemma, the not-good-enough dilemma. Your story may be very different from mine, but I have met hundreds of persons who downright do not love themselves or do not love themselves enough.”

With the self-actualisation brought on through mentorship and undiluted fatherly love, Jones shared that he not only excelled professionally, but has come to know his true purpose here on Earth.

It is through this realisation and his desire to help others as his mentor, Reverend Courtney Richards, helped him, that he has developed what he calls the mental boot camp, with an immense focus on self-love.

According to Jones, “This spans serving as a high-school and tertiary-level teacher, guidance counsellor, pastor, community transformation and restorative justice practitioner, and now, as a certified neuro linguistic programming master practitioner. It is my firm conviction that I was placed on Earth to live out my purpose. That purpose heavily includes helping persons to be all that they can and should be. ‘Thirty Days to Greater Self-Love’ is intended to further that vision. This 30-day online mental boot camp will unmask the limiting beliefs that have subconsciously kept you back. Together, we will unmask these and move to replace them with ones that will serve you instead of derailing your life. Together, we will move towards greater self-love so that you, too, can make that vertical leap.”

This article appeared HERE on July 5, 2020

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