April 2, 2020

Second Income Coach

You are NOT here by mistake

Life has conspired to make our paths cross.  This website Helping you learn how to make money online intends to be a life changing website.  Life is filled with challenges and obstacles, those will always be around. I have come to think of myself as your second income coach. It takes courage and a very clear sense of what it is that one wants to achieve in life to ensure that these do not inhibit you. Vision is a clear mental picture of the preferred future that you desire. With such a crystal clear picture I have decided to take a vertical leap towards greatness. I know what it is like to struggle financially, I know the burden of being in debt and I know the fire of the desire to become debt free that burns inside of me daily. Driven by that combination of push factors decided to embrace the greatness that lies embedded in me and I challenge you to do the same. It has become my drive and passion to establish a community of support and a helping space where dreams are planted and visions are watered. This website is geared towards helping you gain info on how to make money online.

A great level of gratitude comes from my heart to the first person who shared with me the immense potential to earn income online back in 2006. I started that journey and I have never looked back. Along the way I have come to appreciate the value of due diligence, personal branding and team work. It is said that team work makes the dream work. Being on the right team is one of the most critical elements. As one seeks to earn from home there are hazards that can be heart breaking. Having the right team however helps to mitigate against those hazards. This should therefore not be a deterrent to wanting to make money on the Internet This website is dedicated to the task of helping you to make money. Your success is my success, the more you win the more I win as well so there will be a vested interest for you making money on the Internet


I am a firm believer in the intrinsic potential in every person. I have stopped asking the question how intelligent are you and now focus on asking ‘how are you intelligent.’ The Latter assumes that there is an inbuilt intelligence in each person. This is where my focus lies, helping persons harness that and translate that into usable income by leveraging the power of network marketing, teamwork and the global reach that the Internet enables so that the dreams that each person has do not have to lie latent. The model of commerce that involves trading one unit of energy for one unit on income has proven to leave many persons stranded financially. Within that climate I seek to coach persons using the knowledge that I have gleaned since 2006 to produce residual income for themselves and their families. Since then my thirst has been to have a system that will in one place be dedicated to ensuring that you learn how to make money online.

It is my firm conviction that there is no recession on the Internet and that there is more that we can achieve when we work together with a common goal than when we remain stuck in the models that have not been effective for so long and refuse to reach out to embrace new and proven methodologies. I invite you on a journey of stretching your potential. One that will empower you emotionally, psychologically and financially. The mission is simple, helping you to make money online.

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