How To Get Accepted By CPA Networks

Today’s training revolves around the question how to get accepted by CPA networks.  This post assumes that you are already familiar with affiliate marketing and the aspect of it called CPA Marketing.  Here is a basic introduction to CPA: CPA stands for COST PER
ACTION” Cost per action? Yes..that means an action must be made before you earn.. You’ll get paid every time someone takes a particular action based on the type of CPA offer that is available.  Examples are: When someone enter their email address , enter their
ZIP codes or fill out some sort of form. Basically you GET PAID per action”. The more information required from the visitor the more you will make. That means the more information the visitor you funnel to your offer fills in the more money you will make, this is a general rule of CPA offer.There are quite a large number of those out there. The more common ones are Maxbounty, Peerfly, Cash Network.  Experience has shown that those who are totally new to this will need to be guided on how to answer the questions so as to ensure that they get accepted by these networks.

The main requirement for you to be accepted at the CPA company is You must have a website, this can be a review website, blog Personal or any sales website. Your website should not use Free services, especially domains, due to the fact that CPA companies
will assume that you as a novice internet marketer and not
serious.  Use the .com, .net, .org domain to communicate to them that you are 
A professional marketer because the CPA company just wants to
be working with people who have demonstrable seriousness and
Knowledge in internet marketing.

If you do not have a website yet, I recommend creating a review website because it can be used to list with the CPA company.  But your website can also generate dollars with SEO techniques such as google adsense. 

Please register at one of the above CPA companies,
Okay the following things are commonly asked by CPA companies on
1. Personal Name or Company Name or Publisher / Payout
Answer: Your name
2. What Instant Messenger do you use?
Answer: I recommend using Messenger from AOL / AIM or
Gtalk, if you have not got it you can make it first.
3. What is your Instant Messenger handle?
Answer: give your AOL / AIM id
4. Enter Publisher Referral ID:
Answer: ()
(Empty say if you do not have referral ID)
5. CPA Advertising:
Answer: 6-12 months
6. CPM Advertising:
Answer: 1-2.5 years
7. CPC Advertising:
Answer: 6-12 months
8. Is your traffic incentivized?
Answer: No
9. Do your traffic come from other publishers / media buys?
Answer: Yes.
10. How much do you spend on advertisements?
Answer: $ 45 to $ 100
11. What country accounts for the majority of your traffic?
Answer: US, Canada, UK and Australia (US Preferred)
12. Other networks do you work with?
1. Google AdSense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
Commission Junction
5. Others: Mention the CPA Company that has received
13. Monthly earning level on other networks?
Answer: Mention $ 500 to $ 5000
14. Which methods you prefer to drive traffic?
Answer: Search, Display, Media (Mainly Organic Search Traffic is
15. Which Search Engines do you target?
Answer: Google, Yahoo and Bing
16. Which you prefer organic results, PPC, or both?
Answer: Both (or organic results)
17. URL to your site:
Answer: input your best website url
18. Where do you place advertisements?
Answer: On both owned and other sites.
19. Number of banner impressions per month?
Answer: 100K to 500K
20. Number of visitors Per month?
Answer: 10k to 100k
21. Number of impression you buy monthly?
Answer: 100K
22. Kind of advertising do you use?
Answer: Text and Banner Ads
23. Will you be interested in banner rotation?
Answer: yes.
24. Do you use a software for banner rotation?
Answer: No
25. What is your average eCPM?
Answer: 2.5 $ to 4 $ is a healthy eCPA indicator.


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