Discover Self Love


His exceptional academic profile at the time was not enough to cause young Teddy Jones to feel complete. And though he knew that he wasn’t quite whole, the reason for this, was to him, quite impalpable. Describing his excellence as mediocre despite copping straight As throughout primary, high school, and his early terms at university, […]

Day 1


Welcome to 30 Days To Greater Self Love. This is a series of master classes facilitated by Coach TJ. Teddy A. Jones is a Life Coach of Jamaica with a global reach.

Tips In A Job Interview


The second step in getting the job is meeting the potential employer for an interview. The first step that an applicant has successfully completed was sending your application and passing the screening process of the company. Interviews can be quite an emotional scare for many. The main reason for this is the lack of preparation […]

Self Improvement Advice


If only self improvement advice were free and scattered around everywhere, then there will be no problem regarding life, happiness and success. But then again, this is life. And it does not work that way. What would you do if you are trapped in an environment that you do not want to be in? What […]

Adopting Anger Management Skills that Work


There are many, many positive techniques and skills related to anger management. Since anger management seems to affect so many people in society, it is imperative to design and create techniques, teach skills, provide counseling and provide appropriate care and support. Since anger issues affect individuals from childhood to adulthood, obviously it is necessary to […]