21 questions to test your financial stability


How stable are you financially.  Here is a self assessment tool that will help you determine your level of financial stability Financial stability is  of paramount importance because our emotional and psychological well being is closely linked to our financial stability.  So take these 2IMPOSSIBLE2POSSIBLE1 questions to test your financial stability and write down the answers honestly in a notebook and study the answers with a view to taking some concrete actions to remedy what can be remedied.  You may need to sit with an experienced financial advisor and have the help you review the answers you have written down.  Here goes


Exercise: Please answer the following questions — you may want to write them down in a notebook or journal:

  1. What happens to most people when they reach the age of 65?
  2. Are you controlled by time and money?
  3. Do you have to become excited and fanatical about something to succeed?
  4. Can you use your brain to do something new?
  5. Are you stuck in a rut?
  6. What are the effects of taxes and inflation?
  7. What does the “education system” program you to do?
  8. Why don’t pigs know that pigs stink?
  9. Can the truth set you free?
  10. What do your bank balance and credit card balances tell you about your level of success?
  11. Do you spend more than you earn?
  12. Have you been living a life of “quiet desperation?”
  13. Have you been making excuses, or have you been making things happen?
  14. What’s the relationship between you and the size of the things that make you angry?
  15. How many people really know what they’re doing and where they’re going?
  16. What’s the first decision you need to make to succeed?
  17. What do winners do with excuses?
  18. What is a door and how do you get through it?
  19. What does success begin with?
  20. Do you have to know how to do something before you decide to do it?
  21. Until when did most people in America work for themselves?
  22. What does you need to right NOW in light of what your answers on this test of financial stability show?

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