Business Idea For 2020


The year 2020 is already moving along at a fast clip. More and more persons would have set 2020 as the year they do more to earn supplemental income. The memes about the financial challenges of January have been rolled out. You may actively seeking a business idea for 2020. This post is for you. And for those already active in online income you’re gonna love this business idea for 2020 and beyond. Allow me to introduce CTFO [Changing The Future Outcome] and tell you why I have chosen this business idea for 2020 and why you will do the same.

Because it’s… 
FREE to join. I can’t stress this enough: no Enrollment Fees, no Obligations to Buy anything, no Risk involved.
No credit card, bank account, Social Security Number or any other sensitive information is required for registration.
CTFO offers broad variety of top-grade CBD and non-CBD products which help people and pets maintain better health.
You’ll get beautiful replicated websites in your name. Both Preferred Customers and Associates receive their own free websites and deeply discounted prices for the amazing products.Only Associates can earn commissions.

The associates can start earning money right away by sharing their beautiful website. Even if they don’t buy anything themselves, they earn 20% of the Cash Value for each product purchased from their website by others and if a customer decided to shop as a guest, the difference between the Retail and Preferred price will also go to the referring associate.

Isn’t it time you put a stop to this reality? Pursue this business idea.

You could stop here and do nothing else. However, if you decide to build a business and earn residual income that could provide financial freedom for your retirement… 
You’d get an “active” status by simply buying any product (or different products) of your choice monthly for the amount of at least $49.97 or on auto-ship with an additional 5% discount – $47.47 
As an active associate, you’d be able to take advantage of all layers in CTFO fair-to-all, partially copyrighted lucrative compensation plan.
CTFO makes it unbelievably easy to advance your rank and open up more earning layers in the compensation plan.
There is nothing hard about building this business. You don’t need to sell anything or prospect anyone.All you need to do is to gift others by sharing your CTFO site when you hear that someone has a health issue and could benefit from the amazing natural products CTFO has to offer. Pull out your phone and sign them up – it’s free and only takes a few seconds. Then, let them decide what they want to do: try products from their own online store (60-day, empty bottle money-back guarantee makes it risk-free for the customers) and/or learn about the free income opportunity.

CTFO Compensation Plan
Commissions are paid weekly.There are:
no legs to balance,
no increasing personal volume requirements with rank advancement, and no unrealistic enrolling qualifications CTFO Compensation Plan sets minimal requirements to advance in the plan. To become an Executive Manager, you’d only need to be “Active” yourself and personally enroll 4 Preferred Customers or Active Associates.


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