January 25, 2020

The War of Affiliate Commissions

Success leaves clues.  I have learned how to learn from those who are successful and have authority to talk about what they are talking about.  When it comes on to making a killing with Joint Ventures in affiliate marketing I have found great value from Michael Cheney who is offering you a step by step […]

5 steps to achieve your goals

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals  Perhaps nowhere else other than New Year’s resolutions do people fail to reach their goals.  It is chronic.  In that case and in most, if not all other cases a few basic steps can greatly increase the rate at which we achieve our goals. First, these steps are meant […]

how to write a winning resume

Here is another great bit of expert advice from Laszlo Block, SVP People Operations at  Google.  Dive in and make your notes because we all need to know how to a write a winning resume. Reinhold Niebhur wrote a prayer that many of you will recognize. It goes roughly: “Grant me the serenity to accept […]

Senior Marketing Manager

National Commercial Bank seeks to hire a Senior Marketing Manager Job Category: Marketing Preferred Degree: Bachelors Job Type: Full Time Job Country: Jamaica Job Location: Kingston & St. Andrew Number of Jobs: 1 Experience (Years): 4-6 Created: 07/30/2014 Job Description Develop and implement holistc and integrated strategies for the Group’s products and services, building on […]