Senior Marketing Manager


National Commercial Bank seeks to hire a Senior Marketing Manager

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Job Description

  • Develop and implement holistc and integrated strategies for the Group’s products and services, building on Group and Business strategies.
  • Support the execution of marketing and communication activities within stipulated budget and timelines.
  • Work in conjunction with the research and analytics team to optimize marketing strategies and spend to drive impact as well as adopt a framework for measuring and monitoring impact with marketing strategies.
  • Ensure alignment and transparency of marketing strategies within the Marketing and Communications Unit and business lines served.
  • Lead the execution of above the line media (traditional and non-traditional) campaigns in partnership with the Marketing Execution Officers.
  • Maintain and develop positive relationships with the business line(s) that fall under the scope of responsibility.
  • Analyze, develop and recommend customer segmentation approaches as well as participate in the subsequent development and implementation of appropriate marketing for the segments so defined.
  • Monitor industry and other trends in the business and economic environment that may impact the organization’s objective, with a view to preparing appropriate marketing strategies that will give the Group a competitive edge.
  • Research and recommend opportunities within the internal and external customer experience for greater association with the NCB Brand.
Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree Marketing, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Management Studies or related field.
  •  A mnimum of five (5) years experience in the field of Marketing or Brand Management.  

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