Martin Luther King’s Dream


The week ending May 30, 2020 is one which begs the question whether Martin Luther King’s dream is still just that… a dream. My powers of explanation seem to be struggling to come to grips with the events unfolding in Minneapolis involving the police in the George Floyd fiasco. Has King’s ”insufficient funds” concept remained true to this day?

Divine Meaning In Disaster


As we seek to figure out how now shall we live I ask that we ponder deeply the perspectives on divine meaning in disaster. May our choices align with rather than fly in the face of God’s Kingdom purposes. If and when we set in motion a cascade of hurtful consequences may we spare no cost to throw ourselves upon God’s mercy and may our eyes be open to see the tremendous doors of opportunity for greatness and human nourishing that are available to us even in disaster.

Schizophrenia in Jamaica


Let’s juxtapose the fact that some here in Jamaica are cheering for the fact that the mass shooting occurred in a gay club with the fact that many here in Jamaica are up in arms with the SDA administrators of Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for stating that they will take disciplinary action, including and up to […]

Guts Over Fear


It is my distinct honour to have been invited to share in the 2015 Valedictory service of this institution. In the first place I love to celebrate the achievements of others so please accept my extravagant congratulations to you on reaching this touchstone in your life. In the second place this institution afforded me the […]

Feeling all Alone


Do you know what it feels like to be feeling all alone?  Have you been to a place where it seems that any minute something else will go wrong and you just don’t know how much you can take? Been there done that.  I was feeling all alone today, then I got to reading an […]