April 2, 2020

Schizophrenia in Jamaica

Let’s juxtapose the fact that some here in Jamaica are cheering for the fact that the mass shooting occurred in a gay club with the fact that many here in Jamaica are up in arms with the SDA administrators of Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for stating that they will take disciplinary action, including and up to […]

Guts Over Fear

It is my distinct honour to have been invited to share in the 2015 Valedictory service of this institution. In the first place I love to celebrate the achievements of others so please accept my extravagant congratulations to you on reaching this touchstone in your life. In the second place this institution afforded me the […]

Reforming the church for the glory of God

It is with immense joy that we wish to announce that we in RENEWED Ministries, Jamaica, have started our series of consultations with  young leaders here on “Reforming the Church for the glory of God!”  This is directed towards mobilizing young Christian leaders and those they lead in Jamaica (and later in the other Caribbean […]

Christmas Greetings from The Jones’

God’s Perfect Timing A very merry Christmas to you!! The Jones Clan greets you highly and wishes that the hope, light and life of Christmas will flood your heart with joy and bring your family closer to the realization of the huge plans that God has in store for you. These are challenging times in […]