Schizophrenia in Jamaica


Let’s juxtapose the fact that some here in Jamaica are cheering for the fact that the mass shooting occurred in a gay club with the fact that many here in Jamaica are up in arms with the SDA administrators of Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for stating that they will take disciplinary action, including and up to firing staff who are guilty of fornication and adultery. If you have not become aware of this you can read the original Gleaner Article HERE.


What does that leave us with if some persons are the nexus of those two realities?

  • Double standards
  • Hypocrisy
  • Confused ethics
  • schizophrenia?

Do we realize that we are setting ourselves up and exposing ourselves as persons who do not have a clearly thought our and consistent ethical framework when we engage in such contradictory stances. What is operational here is the manner in which the Old Testament passages governing sexual sins are interpreted and applied in contemporary society.  This is not a task to be approached lightly.  We will develop this further. For now I’d like your initial response to the question posed above.

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