April 2, 2020

How to deal with emotional wounds

The inside man tells a story. He tried walking on water but each step proved it was impossible. The boy inside hurtled through night after night crying for daddy as stains from the midnight past choked his courage yet…. Trip wires filled the room with tip-toe love. An angry person’s words cut deeper than the […]

Brainwashed or Bloodwashed?

On April 21/28, 2019 [depending on which calendar the faith community uses] millions of disciples of Jesus jubilantly celebrate the miracle of the resurrection. We rejoice in the fact that the tomb is empty and the Christ who emptied the tomb has filled our hearts and desires to fill every longing, gasping, sighing and panting […]

Vaccinating The Church From Mammon

Our reading today continues to focus our attention on the much-loved god in our midst, mammon. It may escape the attention of many but Jesus actually had quite a lot to say about Mammon. This is an excellent cue for us as we examine the state of the church. Let us use some of his […]

The Church – In Bed With Mammon

The stranglehold that mammon appears to have over humans and the ways in which it worms its way into the faith community are of such gravity that we detain ourselves another week on the subject.  John 2: 13 When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.14 In the temple courts he found […]