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learnsuccesswithteddyIn keep with the mission of this website, helping you to make money online here is a great option for those who love to write. Do you like writing? What if I told you that there are quite a few ways to get paid to write? Oh yes! Writing is big money… you only need to think of the best selling authors, the magazine editors, the journalists… Those are the conventional ways to get paid to write though.  With the advent of the INTERNET many new possibilities opened up.  You may have heard of persons who write blogs that earn them thousands each month.  This is one way to get paid to write which will have to be covered in a separate blog post all by itself because it is so vast.  There are persons who are paid by bloggers to write articles for their blogs.  This too I will cover in another post.  For now I want to share with you a service I came across recently which is willing to pay you USD100 yes you saw write, not 10, but $100 if you submit n article to them which they consider good enough to post on the site.  What they want is a list of at least 10 things, with a total of 1500 words.  They are looking interesting things, like “Top 10 least known beaches in Jamaica” or “Ten things you may not know can be done with vinegar”.  The article must be your original work.  You simply submit your article, and wait for them to review it, once they decide to post it to their blog, they will pay you $100 via paypal. So how many lists of 10 do you think you can write each week so that you ca get paid to write? Here’s your chance to get your creative juices flowing and get some cash in your hand. Ready to get paid to write? Here is the site where you can get more info and submit your first article. GET PAID TO WRITE. To submit your article you scroll down to the end of the site and you will see a link there to do that.  Now go and bear fruit because we are here to fulfill our mission of helping you to make money online. Cheers.

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