How to deal with emotional wounds


The inside man tells a story. He tried walking on water but each step proved it was impossible. The boy inside hurtled through night after night crying for daddy as stains from the midnight past choked his courage yet…. Trip wires filled the room with tip-toe love. An angry person’s words cut deeper than the first cut which is the deepest. He called on the name of Jesus. Ohh naaa suicidal thoughts ain’t partial, ‘I wish you were never born’…’you will never win’…the boy inside visits and attempts to hug me and beyond that he sees chains with his name engraved on each link.  Every single lie that said he’d never measure up. God be his rock… You said he was strong when was feeling weak.  Remind him who he is caz he needs to know. You said… Jah be his pavilion…his warrior… his life. “You will be broken and not break”

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