April 3, 2020

How To Get paid To View ads

So you want to know how to make money online yes?  This blog as you know is dedicated to teaching you how to do just that.  You are in the right place at the right time.

Today we will examine a company that has gained the confidence of massive advertizers.  You will learn here to get paid to view the ads of major companies.

Its a company that launched 2 months ago   Here is the info

The correct and Legitimate evolution in Online Advertising is finally here.

For the very first time I have checked out a Company that has been 0ne year of setting things up that have now soft launched and are ready to go. The Company are called LikesXL and are in the Advertising Promotion Industry. Now there certainly are many companies on the Internet that lay claim that is what they do but the reality is that they do not have any third party advertisers.

LikesXL owner Peter Kolar is Involved with Europacard ( A Premier Pre Paid Card that have 1.2 million Card holders and a company that makes the cards for MasterCard. Roland Raneri is the Sales Promoter for LikesXL and himself has worked for Mastercard 27 years and been involved in Advertisement Brokering for years.

So putting all this together have created the LikesXL business model. Unlike every company I have known they have put Safeguards for the Finances. Due to many companies in the past not paying people what they are entitled to or simply taking all the monies and heading for the hills, that cannot happen with LikesXL. The Company are based in Liechtenstein.

My long time friend and internet marketer Ian Driscoll sent me this info and he reports “Had the most amazing weekend where we got to spend quality time with the corporate staff of LikesXL on both Saturday and Sunday. We met with Roland Raneri (Business Development/Sales), Peter Kolar (CEO Setimo/LikesXL), Jordi Cabellos (Graphic Designer/Web Developer and Kirby Raneri (Managing Director eMoney Bank).
They each explained their remit within the set-up to show everyone how they will help us to have one of the best opportunities around in 2015 and beyond. “

This is not your typical start up company, this has been 1 year in the making and a company that has all its ‘ducks in a row’ before launching from a legal and compliance perspective. Yes there are things that need tweaking like the website, graphic design and additional payment methods etc but these are work in progress and will be implemented before the end of the year .

1. The most important point of all is that all LXL funds are secure as they are 100% managed by our Trustee with his Licence issued in Switzerland by the Government, called Daniel Hess. Nothing can be done or implemented without their approval. No one at LikesXL has access to make withdrawals etc. Before LXL could launch the business model was scrutinized by them and only once approved were they allowed to continue. By Law he was to have Indemnity Insurance and each of our accounts are covered up to €45,000
3. LXL has signed 10 year contracts with advertising agencies who operate on behalf of the corporates. LXL has then got the approval to show approved videos on the site and in turn will generate revenue from clicks / views.
3. All packs expire at €60. It is then your choice to either repurchase or withdraw your profits.
4. There will be no cap on membership numbers.
5. Max withdrawal is €10,000 per day.
6. Incentive is extended to Midnight 15th January 2016 or everyone. To qualify you must join at the €480 level (€180 downline upgrade and 6 x €50 pr packs) It is in your best interests to get qualified before the deadline as the benefits of doing this are as follows:
b. All who qualify will be included into a select group who will benefit from a share of additional advertising revenue. This pool of income will be calculated to the sum of the total number of PR packs purchased within the company at €0.01 and be shared equally amongst the qualified affiliates, over the next 3 years This proposition will become more attractive as the number of PR packs purchased increases over the coming months and years

And here are the facts.
Comp plan
€50 pack makes you €60 then expires, for which you must watch 10ads a day, you may take click holidays at €3 per day for up to a maximum of 90 days in a year, you may have a maximum of 900 packs, commissions are paid uni frontline and up to 5 levels deep at 8-4-3-2-1% depending on the plan you’re in, monthly membership renewal is manual, maximum withdrawal is €10k a day.

CLICK HERE TO watch a Recorded Webinar.

Once you are ready to begin, create your free account then purchase your PR packs.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT

To your success


Teddy A. Jones

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