January 25, 2020

Quick Resume Builder Free

Use LinkedIn Labs’ Resume builder free

You will love this resume builder free.  No time to format a new resume? Check out this tool from LinkedIn that can save time and hassle by creating a resume with your profile information.

Some companies will ask for a copy of your resume via email. You have a LinkedIn profile or other portfolio-type page at the ready, but not a file copy. Instead of trying to scramble to get one together, Lifehacker recommends using the LinkedIn resume builder tool if you already have an account with the site.

This tool will take the information you’ve already spent your time providing for your profile and create a PDF that you can send or print. Here’s how to get started:

CLICK HERE to read the full article. I loved it.  This quick resume builder free will surely save time and boost the professional appearance of your resume.  I am looking forward to posting this particularly for those looking for jobs in Jamaica

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