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In this post I am super excited to discuss how to raise tuition funds online.  I have a hige personal interest in this because I have to find a way to help the ouths of my community fund their college education.

Tons of College Students Are Now Crowdfunding Their Tuition On The Internet.
Education is rapidly becoming beyond the reach of virtually everyone. When you do get a loan, it is often tied up with many conditions that can burden your life for many years. This makes it difficult to take advantage of opportunities while trying to pay off student loans.

As you may know, Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the new wave of the future. Business Insider in “Tons of College Students Are Now Crowdfunding Their Tuition On The Internet” reports that the number of crowdfunding campaigns specifically mentioning “tuition” has risen 4,547% from 2011 to 2014.

Check out “More College Students Use Crowdfunding to Pay Tuition and “Crowdfunding: Why Strangers Will Pay Your Tuition”.   Check out also my personal crowd funding platform to see how it can help with education funding, click HERE

If you know anyone who is struggling to pay their tuition fees please share this info with them because it is a great joy to be able to show someone how to raise tuition funds.

2 thoughts on “How to raise tuition funds online”

  1. Mine is better than gofundme:
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    Pastor Ted if you join me in mine using Paypal I’ll refund $10.00 out of the $50.00. Then more later.

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