January 25, 2020

how not to lead

Diothrephes as mentioned in 3 John verse 9 is a perfect example of how not to lead.  Dr. John Maxwell is widely quoted as saying that everything rises and falls on leadership…everything.  It is my considered opinion that Jamaica is in the clutches of a crisis of leadership.  This is evident is every sector of […]

5 steps to achieve your goals

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals  Perhaps nowhere else other than New Year’s resolutions do people fail to reach their goals.  It is chronic.  In that case and in most, if not all other cases a few basic steps can greatly increase the rate at which we achieve our goals. First, these steps are meant […]

Now Hiring Tutors

HIRING NOW!!! PART-TIME INSTRUCTORS (Mornings, 3 to 6 hours a day, 1 or 2 days a week) Internationally Accredited Apprenticeship College looking for quality part-time instructors to teach in the following areas:Areas of training:• Business Studies • Healthcare (Active Registered Nurse) (2)• TourismRemedial Classes• Math• English Soft Subject– Civics– Entrepreneur– Career Development– Personal Development Required Qualifications:– First […]